PTC Custom Fit Charcoal Cabin Air Filter Installation - 2019 Toyota Highlander

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How to Install the PTC Custom Fit Charcoal Cabin Air Filter on a 2019 Toyota Highlander

Rob: Rob here at, and today you're going to be taking a look at the PTC custom fit charcoal cabin air filter on our 2019 Toyota Highlander. Now a cabin filter is going to do for your car what a furnace filter does for your house. It's going to make sure all the air that we're breathing inside is clean and filtered before it comes through the vents. It's also going to make sure that any larger pieces don't get further into the system causing damage to the fan, the AC or the heater. Now it's important to check these at lease once a year about every 18,000 miles and you can double check your owner's manual for a specific time.But changing it, it's going to be a really easy process. In fact let's go ahead and check it, and see if it needs to be changed, together.

We're going to start out by coming to the passenger side, we're going to open up the glove box and once the glove box is down, if we move all the way to the passenger side on the outside by the door we'll find a shock mount that keeps the glove box from coming down too fast or too hard. And we can actually just grab that rod and pull outward. It'll slide right off and we just move it out of the way. We're going to want to come to the outer edges of our glove box and just very gently kind of reflex it in and come down. That'll allow the two stops to come past the outer frame.

We going to rotate our glove box down and we'll be able to pull it out and set it aside.Now behind the glove box if we look up on the driver's side, we have this trap door here. We come to the top and kind of pop those clips out and rotate it down. And that'll give us access to the cabin filter door. And on each side we just have these two tabs that we're going to press in and then pull out on the cover. We can reach in and pull our cabin filter out and check it.

Now you can see our cabin filter is almost brand new. There's no dirt. It's not changing colors. So there's really no need to change it. But one thing you do want to pay attention to when you do change it and when you put it back in place is there's going to be an arrow on the edge of our filter that's going to be pointing in the direction the airflow should go.

So you want to make sure that you put it in the correct position.Also on the cover it is going to have us an arrow that's saying, "Up". So we know that the arrows need to be pointing up. So we can put our filter back in place, grab our cover, line everything up, make sure it locks in and we start putting all those panels back. We'll line up the little hinges on the bottom with the frame of our glove box. Make sure they're seated all the way, rotate the post. Now that you've seen exactly how easy it is to check your cabin filter, there's no reason to go down to the service center or the dealership to pay somebody to do it. So we're going to take a minutes but it is important to check it because it is going to be one of those maintenance items that's going to make sure the air inside of our car is breathable, fresh and clean. And it going to prevent any kind of future damages caused to the van, heating or cooling system.But that'll finish up your look at the PTC custom fit charcoal cabin air filter on our 2019 Toyota Highlander.

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