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PTC Custom Fit Engine Air Filter Installation - 2016 Toyota RAV4

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How to Install the PTC Custom Fit Engine Air Filter on a 2016 Toyota RAV4

Hey, everybody. Welcome to I'm Bobby. And today we're taking a look at the PTC Custom Fit Engine Air Filter here on our 2016 Toyota RAV4. So this can be an excellent way of just changing out your older filter inside, your engine air filter right there, for yourself. Now, go ahead and check your vehicle's owner's manual guide to make sure you're replacing this when your manufacturer is recommending you to.

However, it can be as simple as just popping open these tabs, pulling this guy out just a little bit, and then taking a look at our older filter. So really easy to check and see if you need a new one. Here today, starting to see a lot of dirt building up here in this filter. A little bit of debris in there as well. So I think it's about time we actually changed this bad boy out.

As you're seeing, all you got to do pop those tabs just like so, take your new filter here, get it in place, and begin securing your tabs. And just like that, our filter has been replaced. No longer do we have this dirty guy in there not doing that good of a job. Now we're getting clean, fresh air to that engine, and it's gonna last us for years to come, which is great. So really, really straightforward and simple fix for ourselves.

Save you a little bit of money at those service stations as well. That way you can do yourself in a pinch of time. Well, I think that about does it for our look here today at the PTC Custom Fit Engine Air Filter on our 2016 Toyota RAV4. I'm Bobby. Thanks for watching..

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