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Pro Series Q-Slot Hitch Bike Rack Review - 2012 Kia Soul

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Review of the Pro Series Q-Slot Hitch Bike Rack on a 2012 Kia Soul

Today on this 2012 Kia Soul, we will be test fitting the Pro Series Q-Slot, part number PS63134. To install the bike carrier, take the shank and enter it into the hitch, lining up the pinhole. Once you have lined up the pinhole, slide the pin through the pinhole and secure it with the pin. Now, lets go over some clearance measurements. There is 8 of ground clearance. The closest part of the carrier to the closest part of the vehicle is 8.

We have added 25 to the overall length of the vehicle. To access the cargo area, first, disassemble the safety pins on both left and right side of the bike carrier. Once you have disassembled the pins, fold the tire cradles into a downward position. Once you have the tire cradles flat, disassemble the safety pin at the base of the mast and lay flat. Now, to load the bike, raise the mast and secure it with the safety pin.

Then, loosen the knob on the frame hooks and raise them all the way up. Insert the bike into the wheel cradles and secure the frame hook on the frame. Last, secure the tires and the wheel cradles with the Velcro straps. And that concludes todays test fit with the Pro Series Q-Slot, part number PS63134, on this 2012 Kia Soul.