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How to Install the Pop and Lock Manual Tailgate Lock on a 2012 Honda Ridgeline

Today on our 2012 Honda RidgeLine, we're going to review and install the Pop & Lock Custom Tailgate Lock, part number PAL6100. Here's what our Pop & Lock looks like once it's installed. Now let's go ahead and review the features. As we can see, the lock cylinder fits nicely inside the handle bezel and integrates well with the manufacturer's tailgate and handle. The lock assembly is going to come with two keys and it has both the unlock and lock so it'll provide security and not allow our tailgate to come down when it's locked up. Therefore, we can safely store equipment in the back of our RidgeLine. Now, on the inside we have our cover removed so we can see the Pop & Lock mechanism.

Here we have the back of our key cylinder with a lock bar. The main functioning rod here will rotate, not allowing the handle to operate, keeping our tailgate locked. Here's our unlocked and here's the locked. Now you know what the Pop & Lock system is going to look like installed. Let's go ahead and show you how to install it. Now, to begin our install, we'll first go ahead and open up our tailgate.

First remove the four screws that go across the top of the tailgate and the four torx bit fasteners here across the body of the tailgate. To remove our torx bit fasteners, we're going to use the T40 torx bit. Now the cover here across the top of the tailgate needs to slide off towards the passenger side. Using a soft mallet, we're going to start tapping it that way. Here, underneath the cover are plastic fasteners that we're holding it.

They just clip and lock into place. Now that we've got the cover removed, we'll go ahead and turn these and remove them from the sheet metal. We can then reinstall them into the cover. Note we have fasteners for both the top and bottom row. Now, they can be a little sticky so we can use a flat blade screwdriver or a trim panel tool to help pop them out.

Now with that piece removed and reassembled, we're going to go ahead and set it aside for re-installation later. Next, well remove three more of the torx bit fasteners so that we can free up the top cover. Once we have it off, we'll set it aside. Now that we've exposed the handle mechanism here inside the tailgate, we need to free up the handle rod itself. By pulling on the handle, we can find the handle rod and the green clip that secures it. The clip will simply snap off the rod. Rotate it out of the way and then remove the rod out of the clip and swing it out of the way. Next, we'll remove the two screws that hold the handle assembly. We'll hold the handle assembly from underneath while I remove them. This way we don't have to worry about it falling out. Now, with the screws out of the way, we'll bring in the Pop & Lock bracket lock, set it into position, and reinstall the manufacturer's screws. Now the manufacturer's screw or bolt here has a large flat washer. The flat washer won't clear the bracket so we're going to need to file down an edge of the flat washer. You can either use a hand file or we're going to go ahead and take it to our grinder. Now with the flat washer ground down, we'll go ahead and thread it back into the handle. Now with our bracket mounted and secured, we're going to use it as a template to drill out the three holes. We'll have the two smaller outside ones as part of the instructions on our size and then the larger on in the middle. Next, we're going to install the lock mechanism. The lock mechanism will get fed from the outside in where the two smaller holes line up here and the larger one there. Once we have it lined up we'll install the two machine screws provided with the install kit to secure the lock mechanism in place. Next, we're going to raise the tailgate up but do not close it all the way as the handle's been released so we won't be able to open it back up. We got it up. We'll take the lock mechanism, line it up with the holes, and set it into place. We'll hold it in position as we swing the tailgate back down and install the hardware. Next, before we go any further, we're going to go ahead and test the lock mechanism. We'll swing our tailgate back up, again, not closing it all the way but just so we can access the lock. Put our key in and make sure it turns freely. Now we can go ahead and put the handle assembly rod back on. This goes back into our clip and snaps it into place holding it in position. Next, we need to install the Pop & Lock lock mechanism. To do that, we're going to remove the two manufacturer's screws. We'll bring in the lock mechanism, we'll line up the two bolts we just removed, and set it into position. Note that we will be going underneath the rod and cable. We'll line it up and reinstall the two screws. Next we'll install the lock bar. The lock bar will get connected to the locking bracket and the key cylinder. We'll put it onto the bracket first, then line it up with the cylinder. Keep in mind when installing it to make sure that the fitting that goes around the cylinder is on the bottom and the bar sits on top. Then, to secure it, we're going to use a star washer and machine bolt. We'll install it and tighten it down. Now, with everything installed let's go ahead and test the new Pop & Lock lock with our Honda Ridgeline. Here's operation of our handle in the unlock position. We'll rotate the key cylinder locking our Pop & Lock which will not allow our handle to actuate and open the tailgate. Unlock, we rotate toward the driver's side and actuate the handle. Then to lock our tailgate, rotate the key cylinder towards the passenger's side and it locks out the handle so we cannot actuate it and open the tailgate. With our tailgate cover removed, we can also identify the difference when the actuator is locked and unlocked. Here, we're in the locked position. We go to actuate the handle and you can see the Pop & Lock rod blocks it from being able to open. In the unlock position, our Pop & Lock rod is rotated out of the way and we can fully actuate the handle. Now with everything installed and secured we can re-install the tailgate. Our tailgate cover will go back pretty simply just setting it back in place and re-installing the fasteners. Our top cap will snap back into position. We'll line up the white fasteners from the holes that we removed them from and just pop it back into place. Then, reinstall the four screws. Now with everything installed, we're ready to hit the road. That'll do it for our review and install of the Pop & Lock Custom Tailgate Lock, part number PAL 6100, on our 2012 Honda Ridgeline. .

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Ralph Funderburg 10/02/2019

Will it work with camera in handle?62632

Reply from Rachael H 10/15/2019

I have confirmed with my contacts at Pop and Lock, and this locking system will work if your vehicle has the back up camera in the tailgate handle. The locking system is independent of the camera system. 53195

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