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Pollak Black Plastic RV 7 Pole Trailer Socket Installation - 2014 GMC Sierra 2500

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How to Install the Pollak Black Plastic RV 7 Pole Trailer Socket on a 2014 GMC Sierra 2500

Today in this 2014 GMC Sierra 2500, we're going to install part number PK12707. It's the Pollak black plastic 7-pole RV-Style connector for a truck-in. With this part we're also going to use part number 459075-1. This is a half-inched sized loom material that we'll use to cover our wires with.One thing about this truck, we're actually going to use the factory tow package. This factory tow package originates up, right behind a cab, where the bed and the cab meet. Typically theyre zip tied down the way, but we have already have them pulled out.What we're going to do is, take a loom material and go ahead and cover up our wires first.

We'll go ahead and wrap around a wire and then periodically we'll go ahead and wrap some electrical tape on it to help hold it in place. Now, go ahead and take this wire and go ahead and ride it to the back of a truck by the tail light on the driver's side.To do this, we're actually going to take it and push it over the fin oil on the inside. We'll push it up and over and then we'll go ahead and pull it down on the other side where we can get easy access to it.Now we'll go ahead and find a location for our connector we're going to install. Location is personal preference, but we're going to install in this location here. We're going to drill on the inside edge of that by the tail gate.

We'll be using a 2 and 1/8th inch pull saw to make a cut.Once we have a hole drilled out, we'll go ahead and pull up our wires through. Hands can help push it up, or something of a hook on it can pull the wire up as well. Once we have our wire pulled through we'll go ahead and disassemble the 7-pole connector. We'll go ahead and release up the screw and the backend where the cable goes in. You can also loosen up the two screws the hole to inside connection part.

We'll take the insides out and set them off to the side for now.We'll pull back some of our loom material for our wires and then we'll take our wire harness and push it through to back side of our connector. We dont want it coming out past the lid. We'll take up as much as we can to give us an extra working room.Now we'll go ahead and connect our wires up to the inside part of our socket. We'll go ahead and stripe wire one at a time as we work with it. We'll go ahead and work with a center pin which is labeled yellow.

We're going to connect the trucks light green color to that. That will out for reverse lights.Then our red wire with a black stripe which is our 12V power supply, we'll be going to pin label black. Then we take a brown wire connect it to pin labeled green. That will be our running light circuit. Then well take our green and run it to pin labeled brown. That will a right turning signal. Blue wire will go to blue which will be a break controller output. Our yellow wire will go to the pin labeled red for left turn. Then a white wire will go to white and that will be for ground.Once all our connections are made, we'll go ahead and take some electrical tape and help protect the connections on the inside. Then we'll go ahead and reassemble our connector. We'll take the inside part, push it back through the center of a socket. There is a key hole in inside with the line-up. Then we go ahead and push it all the way in, then reinstall the screws on the side.Then we'll go ahead and tighten down the screw at the back of a connector to help seal up the wire going into the back. Now we're going to take our 7-pole connector, the whole entire assembly and we'll take it and push it back into the bed of a truck. Then we'll go ahead and attach it to the bed using some metal screws. Using a self-tightening screws can be personal preference. We're using a one inch long self-tightening screw with a 5/16th head.With everything installed we'll go ahead and try out our functions. First we'll go ahead and make sure we have a 12V power supply, and then a break signal, and then a left turn signal, a right turn signal, then our break signal. Looks like everything's working. With that, that'll finish it for part number PK12707 on our 2014 GMC Sierra 2500. .

Ray T.


Did you disconnect the truck battery before instal?

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


You won't want power on the wiring when you're installing it. If your 12V power wire is hot then yes, I'd disconnect your battery just to be on the safe side of things.

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