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Pollak Pigtail Wiring Harness Installation - 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

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How to Install the Pollak Pigtail Wiring Harness on a 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

Today on our 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 2500, we're going to be taking a look at and installing the Pollak four foot pigtail wiring harness, part number PK11998. Here's everything that's going to come with our kit. We're going to have all our butt connectors as well as a ring terminal and our harness that's going to have a four foot lead on it. Now what's great about this harness, is it can be used either as a replacement for your damaged or broken harness at the back of your vehicle or in our case, we're going to be using it in the bed of our truck for a fifth wheel adapter off of our factory harness. Now as far as the butt connectors go, since our connections are going to be made underneath the vehicle. To keep it protected against any corrosion and moisture, I'm going to be replacing these butt connectors with heat shrink butt connectors and you can pick those up on our website using part number DW05745-10 and that'll be for a pack of 10.

Now to help us mount our plug in the bed of our truck, we're going to be using the Pollak seven pole vehicle connector. To begin our installation, we're going to need to find a suitable spot to put our seven way plug. We've marked a general area right here that we're going to be mounting it. Now I'm going to be using a two and a quarter inch hole saw to cut a nice round hole, so I can mount my plug. You want to be extra careful and not let your hole saw or your drill start jumping around and scratch your bed up. With our hole drilled, we're going to take our harness and we're going to take the loose end of the wires and we're going to feed them down, so they go down to our bumper.

I'm going to feed them down as far as we can, making sure not to drop this down the hole. Now before we connect this to the back of our plug, I'm going to put a little bit of dielectric grease in there. That's going to help seal everything up and keep the moisture and corrosion from building up inside of there. Now if you don't have any, you can pick some up on our website, using part number 11755. Just going to put a little bit in my connector there. Then I can take my seven way plug, I got to plug it into the back of there, making sure it locks in.

Now I can go ahead and feed this back in there, we can get ready to mount this. Since I can't reach the back of my plug here, I'm going to be using four self tapping screws to put this in place. Now if we come to the back of our vehicle underneath here, this is where our factory seven way is in our bumper. Now if we move up just a little bit more, we're going to see here we have our factory seven way wires that are ready for the plug. We're going to go ahead and cut these loose and get our wires ready to attach to our harness. Now that we have our wire harness down, I'm going to go ahead and cut the ends of these heat shrink ends off the wire and we can go ahead and strip them back.

Now with our wires stripped back, I'm going to take our heat shrink butt connectors and I'm going to connect one end to our stripped wires. It's always a good idea to double the crimp, make sure it's tight. Now we can do the same thing for the rest of our remaining wires. Now we can come to our harness that we installed and we can get it ready and strip back the ends here. Now not all of our wires are going to match up by color, but we'll start with the ones that do. Our large white wire is going to go into our other large white wire here, which is going to be for our ground. We're going to take the free end, put it into our butt connector, then we can crimp it down. Next we can focus on our blue wire, which is also going to go to our blue wire off our factory harness. Now our green wire here is going to hook into our factory green and purple striped wire right here and that's going to be for our right turn and brake signal. Now we can take our brown wire, we're going to match it up with the gray wire with a brown stripe. Now if we come to our red wire, our red wiring coming off of our harness is going to go to our factory yellow and brown striped wire here. Now my yellow wire off my pigtail is going to be going to my factory white and green wire here. Finally, our black wire here is going to be going to our red wire with a green stripe coming off our vehicle. Now as I mentioned before, these are heat shrink butt connectors and I'm going to be using a heat gun to shrink them down. Now I just want to mention if you are using an open heat source like a torch or a lighter, you just want to be extra careful not to char the connector or the wires. You just want to make sure that you shrink all your connectors down, make sure that you have good protection against any corrosion. Now with all of our connections made, all we need to do is tidy up our wires, then we can test our system. Then we can come up to our plug, plug in our tester. Then with an extra set of hands, we're going to have them run the lights while we check to make sure they're functioning right. All right now if we have them turn on our running lights, you can see those are working properly as well as our left turn signal, right turn signal, brakes and brakes and our turn signals. We can even see if our trailer brakes are working as well. Looks like everything's working properly and we're ready to hit the road. That'll finish up the look at the four foot pigtail wiring harness by Pollak, part number PK11998 on our 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 2500.

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