Pilot Bully Black Bull Side Steps Installation - 2003 Dodge Ram Pickup

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How to Install the Pilot Bully Black Bull Side Steps on a 2003 Dodge Ram Pickup

Today on our 2003 Dodge Ram Pickup 2500 Series Heavy Duty, we'll be installing the Bully Black Bull Side Steps in Aluminum, in the Matte Black Finish with a 7 Inch Step, Part Number BBS-1103. Now our particular vehicle has the Group B body style, so we'll be going off of the Figure B in the instructions. That's the hardware we'll be using. Now we'll start out by installing the Bully Step here on the driver's side. Now that we've got the door opened and the center of our step figured out, now we'll go ahead and take some measurements. From the center location we need to measure 4 and 1/16 inch out on either side. So our total distance between our 2 outside lines, or where we are going to be drilling our holes, should be 8 and 1/8 inch. Now that we have these locations marked, next we need to go ahead and center up on the pinch weld flange.

Now on our pinch weld flange, we did a quick measurement and it's about 3/4 of an inch. So we're going to center our location about 3/8 of an inch, up from the bottom or down from the top, whichever way you want to measure. Next we'll go ahead and use the center punch to mark our drill locations. Now before drilling into any of the underside of the vehicle, make that there's no fuel lines or electrical lines that may interfere with where you'll need to drill. Now when holding the step up before we drill anything, we need to make sure that the bottom of the mounting plate is even with the bottom of the pinch weld. We'll put 2 small holes using an 1/8 inch bit into each location.

After that's done, we'll go ahead and step it up to the 3/8 drill bit, as per the instructions. Now that we have these 2 holes drilled, now we'll need to hold our step up into place, as we'll need to drill 2 holes through the step itself. Once we have this done, we'll go ahead and put a mark through the 3/8 hole that we just drilled in the pinch weld, on to each leg of the step. Once we have it marked, we'll go ahead and then drill another1/8 inchhole through each location. Step up the1/8 inch holeagain to the 3/8 size bit. Now we're ready to go ahead and mount the step on the vehicle. We'll take the 5/16 X 2 inch bolt, we'll put a flat washer on that, put it through the pinch weld flange.

Then we'll take the U shaped spacer, making the flat side go up against the pinch weld, and then go through the hole we just drilled in the step. We'll do this for both legs of the step. Once we have the step held in place, we'll then put another flat washer, followed by a hex nut on the back side. Now we'll need to drill 2 more holes. We'll do this at the 2 top locations I already drilled in the step. At these locations we'll drill an 1/8 inch hole, and we'll use the sheet metal screws in each one, and screw it to the underside of the rocker panel.

Make sure when tightening these down though, that you don't overdo it,as you could strip them out. Now that we have these 2 sheet metal screws tightened down, now we'll go back and tighten up the other 2 bolts. Now when tightening the 2 lower bolts, you may need to make sure that these are adjusted or centered as much as you can as you're tightening them down. Once you have the nut and bolt tightened down in each of the legs, that will complete our installation here on the driver's side. For the passenger's side, you'll just repeat the same process. That'll conclude our installation of the Bully Black Bull Side Steps in Aluminum and Matte Black Finish, with a 7 Inch Step, Part Number BBS-1103, on our 2003 Dodge Ram Pickup 2500 Heavy Duty. .

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