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Pewag Servo RS Self-Tensioning Snow Tire Chains Installation - 2021 Volkswagen Jetta

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How to Install the Pewag Servo RS Self-Tensioning Snow Tire Chains on a 2021 Volkswagen Jetta

Hi, everyone. It's Evangeline here at etrailer. And today, we're taking a look at the pewag Servo RS self-tensioning snow tire chains, right here on the 2021 Volkswagen Jetta. So the pewag Servo RS is an impressive type of snow tire chain, because it's very easy to put on, and you have the servo, which maintains the tension all throughout as you are driving. So, this is designed for snow and a little bit of ice. You have some good traction here with the diamond pattern, and it does cover more of your tire, compared to ladder-style chains.

So, if you're looking for something to help when you make those stops, and then you need to make a turn, and you wanna make sure you're not slipping on the road, or slipping on the snow, this is gonna help out with that. So, the chains are made of a titanium alloy. I really like that material, because then you have the strength and durability, but you also have corrosion resistance, compared to some of your other more affordable tire chains. These are also square links, and you can see on the links that they have grooves on the inside. Again, another upgrade.

So, the square links are gonna help bite into the snow, the grooves are gonna give it even more traction. Plus, with the way that the links are crisscrossed together, that's gonna help out with the snow, so it doesn't clump up too much. So Volkswagen actually recommends that you take off the hubcap before you put on your tire chains. Now, we didn't take ours off, because we're just testing out the fit in the garage, and that's perfectly fine too. But, before you hit the road, before you hit the snow, make sure to remove that.

You can also see here how we have the plastic around the rim area. That's gonna help out with just maintaining it, and making sure it doesn't scratch things up. But, it's also coated and color coded. Color coded to help you out with the next step. Coated, so if you are putting these chains on without your gloves, you're not freezing your fingers off.

Also, depending on which Jetta you have, there are different tire size options for you too. So double check your tire size. Ours is 225/45R18. If you're not sure where it is, it's right there on your sidewall. And this number's important, because it can help you use our fit guide to get the right fit for you. To search up your vehicle, check that tire size, and then this will pop up there. Now, we also have it installed on our front tires, as per owner's manual. When your chains arrive, they're gonna arrive in a case like this. And I really like the hard-shell cases, just because they're strong, they're sturdy, they're designed to last for more than one season, and they're easy to store inside your vehicle. So, opening up the case, you can find some goodies. You're gonna find two tire chains. You're also gonna find some plastic instructions, some replacement links, if needed, then you also have some plastic gloves there, and a little extra bumper. So, this is helpful. I do recommend adding, let's say, your own gloves inside there, as well as any emergency supplies. We also have a tire chain safety install kit, that has a rubber mat as well as lights to help you out. So, with your tire chains, you would make sure that once you get them, just go ahead, lay them out on your garage floor and make sure that everything looks good. Also, this is a good chance to get to know how to put the tire chains on, before you're stranded by the side of the road in the snow. So, here you wanna make sure that it's facing the right way. You want the flat part of the hook facing your tire, and then the hooked part of the hook away from your tire. Once everything looks good, then you're then just gonna move half of the chains around to the other side. So go and grab that. Once you've grabbed it, let's just comb it out, so I know it's not tangled yet, or stuck behind a clip. This here looks pretty good. And now, we're gonna make our first connection. So, that's gonna be up top. We have the little hooks, and if you can't see it, it's just gonna fit right into each other. So, they're just gonna slide. So, we'll slide those hooks into each other, and then we pull on them to know that it's secure. Then you're gonna leave that back behind your tire. Just let that drop as you bring the rest of the chains forward, and make your front connections. So, the front connection are these red chains. They are gonna connect to this red hook. You can actually make those adjustments there if you want, if you have too much or too little tension, then come down to the bottom and make that connection too. If you don't have enough looseness of chain for that bottom connection, just use the servo and press on the open one. That allows you to pull this chain out and get some slack. This will help out with connecting your bottom red chains. So pull, get slack, and then connect. So, now that you have everything connected, we'll switch over to drive. And once you press that, it activates the pulling mechanism. And now as you move around, it's gonna continue to adjust that chain. Do this exact same process on the other side. Afterwards, I recommend rolling forward or rolling backward a couple of feet, and then just double checking that everything looks good. If it is, that's it for the install. You're ready to face the snow. So, my personal thoughts about the pewag Servo, is I really like how everything works together. I do like that servo design, and it is low profile. I know that dealers like to recommend the cable-style chains, just because they're cables, and they feel it's more low profile than links, but this is only 3.2 millimeters large, so it's Class S compatible, and will definitely help out with giving you that traction. You have those extra ridges, and you have that self-tensioning function right there. So, as you drive around it tensions with you. And that right there was a look at the pewag Servo RS self-tensioning snow tire chains on the 2021 Volkswagen Jetta..

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