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Pewag All Square Snow Tire Chains with Cam Tighteners Installation - 2021 Toyota 4Runner

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How to Install the Pewag All Square Snow Tire Chains with Cam Tighteners on a 2021 Toyota 4Runner

Hi, everyone. Aiden here with And today we're gonna be taking a look at the Pewag Square Tire Chains here on our 2021 Toyota 4Runner. And these are gonna be a ladder pattern style which makes them really great for our starts and stops. Maybe not as great for ride quality, but that isn't the focus here. It's focus on traction and getting us out of those tricky situations or keeping us out of them.

Like the name suggests we have our square links here giving us a nice hard edge to really grip in, bite into that snow and ice, giving us optimal traction for those rough situations. You are gonna have a nickel manganese steel alloy construction so that will help with our corrosion resistance over time ensuring that these last you for a long time. We do have three very large cam tensioners around the tire chain giving us a lot of grip on the tire. We'll twist those to tighten it up. And we are also using a rubber tensioner.

Those aren't included in the tire chains, but we do recommend them just because it is an extra layer of security and makes sure everything stays nice and tight on the tire, but with the fit on your 4Runner, even without this we had a really nice tight fit on the tire. These ones fit really well. So I wouldn't be too concerned with these over time, but again, it's just an extra layer of security. And as the tire loses tread, that other tensioner will help make sure that these fit just like they did on the first day. Now, they do come with a pretty large bag to carry them.

This is a step up from the typical canvas bag. You might see those ones are fairly easily. This one still isn't my favorite, though. While I think it'll hold up a little bit better over time, I'd prefer something that will close and seal up, be water tight. I'd honestly just get like a plastic tote and throw these in there when I'm done because it's easier to store them.

I don't have to worry about holding the bag open while I'm putting the chains back in. I can just open the lid, put them in, shut it. It's water tight and good to go. We do offer a variety of styles of chains on our website. Whether you need to go more heavy duty with the vivar style or lighter duty for strictly on-road use like a cable chain. We've got those options, and they all go on relatively the same way. And this one is no exception. So let's check it out now. To start off we're gonna want to lay out a chain and make sure there's no tangles or twists in any of the links. With this style chain that can be pretty common. Now, on the outside we want our cam tensioners to be here so that they're on the outside of the vehicle. And then with these points that connect to the outer links, they kind of hook around like that. We want the smooth side to be faced down and can be touching the tire. Once all that's all set, we can come to about the middle here. I don't like to grab right in the middle. I prefer to grab a little bit out and then carefully drape them over the tire here trying to keep them somewhat centered as we tuck that back behind the tire. We can drape this out about where we want it and then go to the back to make our first connection. Now, on the end closest to you, we have our free link and on the end by me, we have a hook. Now, we don't have to loop into the very end link here. I'm gonna actually probably go for the second or third link just to take up a bit of extra slack. And then I can go around front and make another connection. Upfront we're gonna make the exact same connection. I'm gonna go for this second link here depending on where you made that connection in the back, you might go for the third. You might go for the end. It just depends on your tire fitment. And now with this, we can see, we still have a bit of slack, but we can grab our tool and tighten down these cams to remedy that with that included tool. We can just insert that into the slotted hole and turn the cams. Now, it doesn't look like the first one did too much, but as you do this, you will start to feel some tension being applied. This one already I can feel that it's a little bit harder to turn, and I don't know that we'll be able to get this third one, but that's okay because over time as your tread wears down, the fitment will change. And honestly, that's pretty darn tight. Now, we do still recommend maybe grabbing a rubber tensioner just to apply a second layer of security, some extra tension. With the way it's fitting right now, you could probably get away without it, but we're gonna go ahead and throw one on just in case. With the tensioners we want to just apply them in a star shape pattern moving from end to end like this, trying to do this pretty evenly. And, again, these are nice to have because over time as the tread of your tire wears down, the fitment might slightly change in minor ways where you might not notice it quite as much, but over time those cams might not get as tight as they used to. And it's just nice to have this to pull up that extra slack if it ever does appear. And once we're done with this, we can repeat that process on the other side of the vehicle, drive forward a few times, roll over them, let them adjust and get out and go ahead and check on them. Make sure everything's still snug on the tire. We don't need to make any sort of final adjustments. And if we do, we can make those and be on our way. And that'll do it for our look at the Pewag All Square Snow Tire Chains here on our 2021 Toyota 4Runner..

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