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Thinline Opti-Brite LED Interior Strip Light Installation

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How to Install the Thinline Opti-Brite LED Interior Strip Light

Today we are going to review and install thin light opti-bright LED strip light, part number ILL70CB from optronics. As you can tell our new LED lights going to be a major upgrade to this trailer. This is what the light looks like installed on a typical trailer. As you see here it's nice and bright. You got much more light for lot less power compared to incandescent. We got our doors closed up. At nighttime we can see how it lightens up the interior of the walls okay, also puts a nice spotlight down on the bottom of the floor.

Inside the fixture there's going to be nine gyo's providing all this light. It's going to be 9-5/8" long, going to be one inch wide, and the depth is going to be 5/8 of an inch. One neat little detail about this light is that you really can't see any fasteners, they are actually covered up by these little covers right here on each end. Let's go ahead and remove this old light, generally you will have to remove the lens on different types of lights. Then there will be a couple of assembly screws that hold to the the sheet metal inside the trailer. We will leave the wire intact, cut off the rest of it. This gear lights ready to install, we will go ahead and pop off the caps here.

Our hardware will go through here. Now the hardware doesn't come with the light but, this is what we are going to use. Number 8 self tapping screw with a pan head and Philips bit on top. This is going to be a really tight fight, in fact when we drill it's going to slightly cut some threads on the inside. The head of the bolt is going to work it's way on the inside as well.

Does install flush but actually I like to put a little extra space in there for wires. What I am going to do is run my screws through, I'm going to add a spacer. In this case it's just going to be a simple little nut that I found. Then I'll cover over it, just goes over the threads and doesn't engage. Just enough space so it doesn't crush the wires. Once it goes through, we will have our nut for a spacer.

Made a little mark right there, so we are going to take out and pre-drill it. Still going to leave it a little loose because need to do the same thing on the other side. Now we are going to put on our caps. Let's go ahead and get our wires the way we want them, we will go ahead and make our connections. We will strip the wires back. Any good quality butt connector will work on this application. Twist the wires back, add our butt connector. That's our black wire for power, that's for 12volt power. Our white wire is going to be ground so we'll add a terminal to it and lead another self tapping screw to go to the sheet metal. Take a moment to tidy up our wires, in this case we will use that spacer advantage. Tuck the wires in, zip-tie maybe this side to itself. Okay, let's try it out. Voila! Now finish it for a thin line opti-bright LED interior strip light from optronics part number ILL70CB.

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