Pilot Tube Step Installation - 2010 Chevrolet Silverado

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How to Install Pilot Tube Steps on a 2010 Chevrolet Silverado

Today on this 2010 Chevy Silverado, were gonna install part number NB-1109x from Pilot.Our attachment points are on the body bolts on this vehicle and there are three of them as theyre shown here.Next step is well go ahead and layout our parts. We have a short bracket that goes on the front and then the long bracket that stays in the center and then a tall bracket that goes in the back.So well go ahead and loosen up the body bolts. You want to do this by hand first because some of the models have a thread locker on there and an air ratchet could break the nut inside the body. When we take the bolts out, you wanna prepare the stock bolts to the bolts that come with the kit. Some models have a thicker bolt. If thats the case, go ahead and use the factory bolts.

And to the factory bolt well add a lock washer and flat washer, well run it through the bracket and then the body mount and well just go ahead and reattach it to the vehicle. Go ahead and snug the bolts but enough so you can still move it.Alright, well move on to the center body mount, this bolt right here, take our bolt, two-spacer washers, bushing and well run it back together. You wanna leave it relatively loose for now.Take our bolt, our spacer washers and our body mount and well run it back together.Now we can go ahead and start installing the tubes up. Were gonna remove the plastic just on the end and leave most of it on there so you dont crush it up while were installing it. Well go ahead and connect our tubes step to our bracket using a two inch carriage bolt, lock washer and flat washer.

Run it through the bracket and thread it into the tubes step. Go ahead and run it in a few threads to make sure every stays up. Well do it at the back. Go ahead and repeat the same process going towards the front. Alright, well move on to the center body mount.With all the hardware loosely installed, now we can go ahead and snug everything down then we can torque down all the bolts as specified in the instructions.So now were done with the passenger side, lets move over to the driver side and repeat the same process.And there you have it for part number NB-1109x from Pilot.

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what is body bolt torque and what is nurf bar torque thanks

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Patrick B.

The torque specifications can be found in the instructions with the tubes. We do not state them in the videos because the manufacturer may change the hardware and consequently the torque specs. Always use the torque specs in the instructions with the kit you have.