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MORryde Side Fender Mount for RotopaX Installation - 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

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How to Install a MORryde Side Fender Mount for RotopaX on a 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

What's up everybody it's AJ with Today we're going to be checking out this rotopax mounting bracket that mounts on the fender of this 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. So it's gonna install right here using existing bolts in there, and you don't have to drill any holes. So it's pretty easy to install and it looks pretty cool. Let's check it out. Now there's two different versions of this.

There's one for the passenger side and the driver's side. The only difference is gonna be the driver's side one's not gonna have the cutout for the antenna. Otherwise they install the exact same way and work the same way. Let's move the rotopax out of the way so we can get a better look at the bracket. It's going to slide it off there and now you can see the bracket itself.

There's a couple of different mounting options we had. You can see the square here is what we're looking for. So there's one here and then there's one a little bit higher. So one's just a little bit higher, that way it just got us some more clearance, got us away from the mirror over here and just more room. Everything fit in there, it didn't touch the fender at all, but then also if you don't want to use the rotopax you can uninstall this and get a jerrican holder that installs these other mounting points.

Looking at our passenger side bracket specifically it's got a cutout for the antenna, which is nice. That means you don't have to cut around it or remove the antenna, and you know, it was just really easy to install because you use all existing bolts, there was no drilling or anything like that. The bracket itself, either one you get, is gonna be made out of a black powder coat steel. So you know it's gonna hold up to all the elements and whatever you put it through. Something that I wanna point out that I was definitely worried about is the door opening with that pack on there.

The door's open fully. I didn't stop it. This is as far as it goes. And you can see there's no contact whatsoever. So it's not in the way. Overall I think it's a great addition to your Jeep. I think it looks cool. You know it's going to be functional. It's on there really good. I can shake the Jeep back and forth and I'm not worried about the bracket coming off or this coming off. The bracket has like a heaviness to it, so when we we're installing it, I could actually feel it. And I felt like, yeah, it's gonna hold up. It's not just some flimsy piece of metal that I can bend. It's gonna hold on there. It's gonna be there whenever I need it to be. Now, how hard is it to install Luckily, it's just a few bolts. We didn't have to drill any extra holes. So I liked that part. It wasn't too bad. Now it's gonna be the same on the passenger side as it is on the driver's side. So whatever side you install it's gonna work the exact same way. Follow along and see how we did it. First step of the installation is a little bit of pre-assembly. So you got to decide what holes you wanna use. This is gonna work with, You see the square bolt pattern here. So you can follow this one here or this one down here. It's all about how your Jeep's set up. Now, we're gonna go with these up here, 'cause it seems like it gives us a little bit more clearance on the mirror and the door side. So we're just gonna go ahead and run these bolts through like that. And I will just drop our hardware in. Put it on the backside and add a washer and a nut after we get these installed. Add the washers. And then come back and add the nut. Let's come back with our Impact and run them down. With the bracket put together, now we can come back to the front of our Jeep, remove these three bolts right here. And that's gonna allow us to get a little bit more out of this to pull it apart. So we add our J nut on here, we just have more room to work. So just come here. Pull it out. And set it here on the fender. There we go. Those removed, should be able to pull us back just a little bit more and get some more room. Couldn't get much out of it. So we removed an extra one here. Still couldn't get much out of it. So we came back up here and removed these here, here, on the side, and then two more here in the doorframe which allowed that panel to separate a little bit better. This one and this one down here. With those removed, I took a pry bar, wrapped it in a paper towel, just to give it some padding, that way it didn't damage anything. 'cause we're gonna get in there and pry on it. And we we're able to get this down in here and pry against the Jeep, and kind of push it out. We we're able to push it out just enough to get this start on there. And then we can further push it on into place. With that latch in there, we can unpry it, move this up and now it's on there. We put all the bolts back that we took out to pry this out. And you see they've all been replaced except for this one, 'cause this one needs to come out anyway, the bracket is gonna install it there as well. Now there's one more we need to remove and it's on the inside of the door here. The one we need to remove, it's going to be right here. It's the top bolt on the bottom bracket. Now, we're ready to slide our bracket into place. Make sure the one tab goes in between the door and kind of line up the other two holes here. As I got this one ready to go. I'm just gonna re-install this. We'll go ahead and hand-tighten all the bolts. We're gonna put this one in here. Then we're gonna go on the inside and put our other bolt on the inside of the door there. And run this one in. You might have to lift up on the bracket just a little bit. It looks like it doesn't. It's not quite aligned like it should be. That's why we did the hand-tightening, we don't wanna tighten too much up top because then we wouldn't be able to align this properly. And I got it started, I'm gonna go back and tighten everything down. Come back. Tighten it down. With everything tightened down, you can just throw on your rotopax and you're good to go. It really is that easy. I was impressed that it didn't take that long to get it installed. And with a few tricks, we figured it out. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out. And I hope this helped..

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