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Mighty Cord 7-Way RV Style Trailer Connector Installation

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How to Install the Mighty Cord 7-Way RV Style Trailer Connector

Speaker 1: Today, you're going to be taking a look at the Mighty Cord 7-Way RV-Style Trailer Connector for the trailer end, and that's gonna be part number A10-7081VP. So, here's what our 7-way plug is gonna look like. This is gonna make a great replacement if yours has gotten damaged or if you're upgrading to a 7-way round like we have here. Wiring it up is gonna be extremely easy. You're just gonna have to loosen up this one screw here, which will loosen up a little gate that's gonna make sure that our cable stays nice and tight in here and we don't pull on the connections. On top of that, we're gonna have this nice, little weather seal that's going to go around the cord.

It's gonna help keep out moisture and debris and make sure the inside of our connector doesn't have a corrosion build-up.Now, we're gonna have a small set screw on the other side that will allow the center section of the plug to come out and get us access to all the terminals on the back. Like most 7-way RV plugs, it is gonna have that little catch here. It's gonna make sure that it stays in position and that it's not gonna wiggle its way out. You just simply open the spring-loaded door. We're plugging into our tester here, so it's easier to see.

Then, the door's gonna have a little catch that's gonna go on the outside. That way, the plug can't accidentally be unplugged. You're gonna have to lift open the door, and then these two tabs here are gonna make it extremely easy to pull out.So now that we've seen the end result, let's show you how to wire it up. To begin, we're gonna strip back each one of our wires coming out of our 7-way. We'll just strip back a little bit from each one of our wires.

With each one of our wires stripped back, we can grab our plug, and at the back here, we'll notice that we're gonna have a Phillips screw. We're gonna want to loosen that up pretty good. You don't want to take that screw all the way out, but you want to make sure you loosen it up enough because it's gonna open up this gate that's on the end side.Then if we turn it over, right where that tab is, but towards the front of the plug, we'll have a very small flathead screw. We'll go ahead and pull that all the way out, and we're gonna be extra careful because these are very easy to lose just 'cause of how small they are. So, we'll go ahead and pull it out, and we'll set that screw aside.We're gonna take our bundle of wires.

Make sure they all fit inside the back. I'm actually gonna use my wires to push the end of the plug out. It may take a little bit of pressure, kind of wiggling it back and forth a little bit. And that center section here will come out.Once we have that out, if we need to, we can loosen this up more, so we can have more of our wires coming out the front so we can have better access to them. Now on the back of the plug, we're gonna have several screws that are in each one of these terminals. Now, they are labeled, and basically, all we need to do is go around loosening that screw and match up the color that's on the terminal with the color of the wire. I'm just gonna grab that small screwdriver, and we'll loosen up this one that says white. Again, you don't want to take the screw all the way out with the risk of potentially losing it. We're just gonna loosen it up a lot to where that terminal will open up. Give ourself a little bit of a gap there.We're gonna take our white wire and twist the end of it, so it keeps the wires together nice and neat. I'm just gonna put it in between the terminal and the inside. Just want to make sure you get all the wires in there. You don't have any stray, loose ones coming out of the edges 'cause we don't want to cause any kind of shorts if it we're to jump over. With our wire in, we can come back and make sure that screw's nice and tight, and it crimps down on that terminal, so we don't have to worry about the wire coming out. Now, we'll just go around. We'll connect all the remaining wires on the end of our terminal here.Once we have all the terminals in place, you want to make sure that you line up . there's gonna be a notch that's completely all the way through, and then on the plug itself, there's a small notch. On the other side, there is a notch, but you'll see that it doesn't go all the way through. The one that doesn't go the complete length of the plug needs to go to the side that has that set screw in it.It's gonna be a little bit of a tight fit just 'cause of all the wires in there, so you just want to be careful when you're putting it back, but you get it in the correct position so that everything lines up. Once we have the plug in place, we take that small set screw, and we can put it back in. We don't have to worry about the plug falling out or getting pushed out or anything else.We're gonna want to tighten down that Phillips screw at the back. That's gonna push down on that gate, and that's gonna keep the wires from getting pulled out or from pushing forward. If for any reason the wires here pulled, it will stop right here, so you don't have to worry about pulling out those connections.With the plug all wired up, I'm gonna plug it in my tester. Make sure all my lights and other functions are working properly. As you can see, my taillights are working as well as the left turn signal, brake lights, and the right turn signal. Now that everything's working properly, we're ready to hook up to our vehicle and hit the road. And that'll finish up your look at the Might Cord 7-Way Rv-Style Trailer Connector for the trailer end, part number A10-7081VP.

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