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MaxxTow Off-Road Light Bar Installation - 2019 Polaris Ranger

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How to Install the MaxxTow Off-Road Light Bar on a 2019 Polaris Ranger

Jake: Hey guys, it's Jake here with etrailer. Today we're going to be taking a look at and I'm going to show you how to install this MaxxTow Off-Road Light Bar. There's going to be an extra light bar that you can use to give yourself more light when out on the trails with your new 19 Polaris Ranger. Here's a quick comparison about how much light this maxxtow light is actually going to give you. Here's our low beams on our Polaris Ranger, our high beams, and then the new light bar.The garage what we have here is about 15 to 20 feet away and you can see the yellowish color that our halogen lights are giving off on our side-by-side. But when we turn on that pure white light from our maxxtow light, you can see it not only makes it a lot clear but you can see much higher up on the garage door giving you more visibility when you're out on the trails.

It's going to be a 12 inch light bar and have a double layer design, which is going to give us more than enough light output for what we're using it for. I liked how this one looks on the front of our ranger. It's going to give your ranger a more aggressive look without taking away from the looks of your side-by-side. It's small enough to where you can put it pretty much in any location that you want.We just decided to put it up here on the front of our hood. What's nice about the brackets on the end is that by loosening up each bolt on either end of your light, you can articulate the light whichever direction that you like no matter what the surface that you're mounting it looks like.

So if you put it in the bed, you can tilt the light down more or if you just don't want the light to shoot out as far you can tilt it down more. This light bar is going to have 24 LEDs with a combination of spotlights and flood lights to give you that close range and long range light that you're going to need when you're out on the trails and it's going to put out about 5,280 raw lumens which is pretty bright for the size of this light. Both the aluminum housing and the polycarbonate lens on the front are going to help this light to last long over time. With that being said, let's go ahead and show you how easy it is to get this light installed.Let me just start by installing our support arms on the side of our light, we'll take our small bolt with a lock washer and a regular washer and set our leg in place and thread it on. Now we can take our light and go set it in place.

What you need to do is you need to figure out where you're going to want to put it. Our customer wants it right here on the front of their grill. We'll go ahead and mark our holes where we have to drill so that we can insert our bolts. Now when drilling a hole on your ranger, you want to make sure there's nothing behind. We pull out this panel here and check behind and it's nothing but this plastic panel, so we can go ahead and drill out our holes.We also need to drill a routing hole for our wires that are coming out of the back of light.

We're just going to do it right here in the end of our S. Now we can take our wires, run it through the hole, feeding it in as we bring our light closer, and we can take our rubber footpad make sure the holes are lined up correctly. Set it on our surface. Then use our included mounting hardware with a lock washer. Line everything up. We'll do the same for the other side.To get our hardware safely secured on the backside. We're going to use a large washer so that it can hold on to our plastic since we didn't hit any metal. Slide that large washer on the back, and you want to insert your lock washer and then your nut. And we'll repeat this process for the other bolt. Now we can take a five millimeter allen wrench and a 10 millimeter socket on the back and tighten down our hardware. Next thing we need to do is start with our wiring in our dash, run the control wires up to our two black and red wire up here by our light and then run our battery cables back to our battery. We'll go ahead and do that and then we'll come back and show you how we routed it.Starting back with our solenoid. We grounded it to our bracket here that's holding up our seat, and then we ran the wires, the positive and negative from our solenoid to our battery, and then you'll have two leads that will go up to the switch connection and up to the light. We ran the wires from our battery box through the center hump in the back seat, up through the center hump in our front seat, we had to remove this plastic in order to safely secure our wires.And then we ran it through this access hole up here in the front of this floorboard in order to get it up through to our dash and to our light. So we ran the power wire from that access hole up and over all of our components and then back down this rail here and then back into the compartment where our light wires are. Here's the switch that's going to come with your kit. We chose to use the bulldog winch lightbar switch because it matches the rest of ours and it'll light up when your light is engaged. When you're wiring your switch, you want to make sure you follow all the instructions so that you get all the connections correctly.If you're using one of these bulldog winch light switches, you're going to need to find a 12 volt power that is on a switch and you need to ground the switch. Now you want to make sure you test out your light before you button everything back up because you'd hate to have to take all that back apart. Now that we see that everything's working properly we can go ahead and put our dash back together. Well, guys, with all that being said, that's going to do it for a look at our MaxxTow Light Bar on our 2019 Polaris Ranger..

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