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MaxxTow Off-Road Light Bar Installation - 2008 Tiffin Allegro Motorhome

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How to Install the MaxxTow Off-Road Light Bar on a 2008 Tiffin Allegro Motorhome

Instructor Hi there motor home owners. Today on your 2008 Tiffin Allegro, we're gonna be taking a look at and showing you how to install MaxxTow's Light Bar. This 60 LED, 180 watt, 31 and a half inch light bar is gonna provide plenty of light out in the front of your motor home here, if you install it in the front. Some people also like to install them on the sides and at the rear of their motor home to use them as lights at their campsite. The LEDs that are on here do have multiple styles, you've got flood and spotlights on them. So that way you get a nice wide spread with your flood lights and the spotlights that are on there protrude very far so you can see a long distance as well.

To get it installed on our leg rail. Our customer wanted it located behind the lower grill area here. And unfortunately these louvers, they angled down so far if the light was placed there, you really wouldn't see much coming through. So we went ahead and removed the grill for him. He can, if he wants to he could modify it in a different way.

But since this light bar extends almost the entire length, really the best thing would just to be leave it, to leave it, to be removed. If you're wanting to put your light in the same position just like we did here, the grill just held on my Phillips screws so just remove those, there's 10 of those that hold it in place and the grill just comes right off, once you remove the screws. The light bar, we mounted to the crossbeam located just behind the grill here. It's just behind our battery and our reservoir for our cooling system. So we went ahead and just put the bar in place there.

We use the legs as guides to know where to put them. And we just used a paint stick to mark out those holes. The arms thread in place using the Allen key that comes in your kit, as well as the Allen head screws. Then you'll just want to slide the screw through the leg and then thread it into the light bar. There is a lock washer you'll want to place on there as well to ensure it doesn't move.

The arms here are going to have jagged edges so that when you tighten it down it ensures that the light can't rotate because it has teeth that hold it in place. So you want to make sure you have both arms set up in the same orientation so that when your light bar is facing the way that you want it to. After you've got those on, you've made your marks you can pull your light out. And then we use a 5/16 drill bit to drill out the holes where our light was mounted in to the frame here. Now, after that, we did have to change out the hardware that comes included with the kit. The bolts that come included with it we're too short to go through the fixed steel here on our motor home. So we did have to replace those. You can get larger hardware at your local hardware store or automotive store. You just need to get a little bit longer. An additional half inch line from the bolts would work out very well, if you're putting it in the same location. We then did just attach it with the included nuts and washers. Now we've got our light bar fully mounted up. We can go ahead and start to wire it up. On the wires that come off of your light farther. They're gonna just be pre-stripped. We went ahead and just crimped on spade connectors onto those male ones, crimp them on each one. And then we took the harness that comes in our kit. It has female spade terminals pre-crimped onto those. So we just slid those right on to the male terminals that we installed, matching the colors up red to red and black to black. We then took the wires coming off of our relay here. It's a short little harness that comes off the relay. That section goes towards our battery. We hooked up our positive wire to the positive on our battery. There's a fuse it's already pre-installed in lines. We don't have to worry about any circuit protection. Now, if you have a front post style battery like this you are going to want to get a battery cable extender like this, to put your accessories on. If you try to just put this behind your battery cable, you'll more than likely strip out the battery. And then you're gonna have to replace the battery. Now for our ground wire, we did it to make us a couple of slits here in the sheathing because it wasn't quite long enough to reach ground. We just took the black wire and went right into the frame over here. I just ran it in place using a self-tapping screw. And I didn't put a washer over it since it's such a large ring terminal. Now the remaining wire that we need to route is the switch that goes inside. So we routed that over and across, all this wire you see bundle up here is just extra length that would route towards your light. But since our lights so close to our battery and our relay we just kind of bundled it all up right there. But this is the part of the harness is attached to the actual switch. We route that over, and then we go out towards the driver's side, keep following the wire up. If we go up above the horn and then just to the right of the horn, we drill the hole in the firewall there and passed our wire through. It's important that you check on the other side to make sure that when you go to drill through the firewall you don't drill through any components. This does need to be a very large hole because this switch is very large. You can disconnect the switch a little bit further down the harness as an inline connector. But even that connector is about three quarters inch wide. So you're gonna have to build a pretty big hole. We used a 7/8 drill bits throughout this whole so we could pass the wire through. We're then just going to use some expanding foam to seal it back up. Our wire came out under the dash. We just routed it along the bottom of the dash up and around and then pulled off the backing for the adhesive tape. That's pre-installed on your switch. And then we just stuck it right in place, right here. We can then turn it on and off using the switch. You can see it's lights up red for off and green for on. So we've gone ahead and put our customer's bra back in place and shut up the compartment on the front. And we can see our light there. It's what it looks like when it's installed and everything looks pretty good from here. Our customer should have no problem when he gets to his campsite, turning this on, navigating to where he can get to where he wants to park, and get everything set up. And that completes our installation of MaxxTow's Light Bar on our 2008 Tiffin Allegro..

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