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Malone XtraLight Trailer Assembly

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Assembly of the Malone XtraLight Trailer

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be assembling the Malone XtraLight Trailer, part number MPG525G.I've got my parts laid out. Want to start by running the wiring harness. It's a good idea to tie a knot, so you don't pull the wiring all the way through. We'll pass the wiring through the second tongue and then connect the two tongues together with the included brackets. Then, we can assemble the frame upside down and tighten down all the hardware. Now, we'll install the spring hangers and tighten those down as well.Next, we'll set the tongue in place and tighten it down.

Then, we can assemble the axle portion with our leaf springs and hardware and set it in place on our frame lining the springs up with the springer hangers. Next, we'll install the tires and torque down the lugs to the manufacturer's specifications.Now, we'll flip over the trailer and install the lights. You want to be sure to put the license plate bracket on the left-hand side. We'll also install the side marker lights and run the wiring harness using the included Quick Splice and butt connectors. Now, we'll install the fenders and move on to the coupler assembly.

Finally, we'll install the front and rear crossbars. That's going to complete the assembly of the Malone XtraLight Trailer.

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