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Malone SteelTop Universal Roof Rack Installation - 2015 Toyota 4Runner

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How to Install the Malone SteelTop Universal Roof Rack on a 2015 Toyota 4Runner

What's up everybody, it's AJ with Today we're gonna checking out the Malone SteelTop roof rack system and we're putting it on our 2015 Toyota 4Runner. This one's gonna be included with the 65 inch long square bars. You're gonna have the feet pad that come with it that help you attach it to the raised rails on your vehicle. Our 4Runner has 'em right here. They just clamp on, you tighten 'em on, and I can shake the whole vehicle back and forth, so you know these bars aren't going anywhere.

Couple things about adding accessories to the bars. It does have a weight capacity of 165 pounds. So, just keep that in mind. Looking at the foot pad, it does come with lock covers on there so you can lock 'em up that nobody can loosen 'em, or mess with the bars when you're not around. You can see, this is the bolt here you're gonna tighten with the included tool to attach them or remove 'em from your raised rails.

In here you got the clamps that have rubberized padding on them, so that way they don't scratch up your raised rails at all when you go to tighten 'em down. Now, first thing we wanna do is put our foot on the bar. It's gonna be really easy. All you're gonna do is bend back the clamp and this section where it's gonna fit over the bar. We'll just slide that on there.

Now we're gonna set this on the raised rails. We want at least minimum crossbar spread of 24 inches, so I'm going to adjust it along the bars. I got my tape measure to go center to center. Looks like I got it right on the dot. So, I'll go to the other side and do the same measurements.

Then do the measurements on the overhang. Looks like we have about 8 1/2 inches of overhang. I'm gonna make sure that's the same on other side just like we did before. Then we can go and tighten it down. With our included tool, we're gonna go right here to that bolt and just start to tighten it down. We'll try and do it evenly on both sides. So, a little bit over here, a little bit on the passenger side, just to get it tight. We'll put our caps on. And we're finished with the install. Overall, these are a nice roof rack system. I think it's good for maybe once or twice a year if that's what you need it for. You go on vacation, you wanna throw on a roof box or a cargo carrier up there. You not using that often. They're really easy to put on or take off, as you saw. But the only downside would be you can't use the overhang. So, you have it here, but Malone says you're not supposed to put anything on there. So, that does really limit the space on your roof. There's other roof rack systems, maybe aero bars to look at. Those have a T-track as well, so you can open up to different accessories and still use a little bit of the overhang. That's another option to look at on our side as well. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out and hope this helped..

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