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Malone AirFlow2 Universal Roof Rack Installation - 2016 Jeep Cherokee

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How to Install the Malone AirFlow2 Universal Roof Rack on a 2016 Jeep Cherokee

Speaker 1: Today on our 2016 Jeep Cherokee we're going to be taking a look at the Malone AirFlow Two Roof Rack System with 50 inch aluminum arrow cross bars, part number MPG215. Now, it's also available with 58 inch aluminum arrow cross bars using part number MPG216.Our AirFlow Two Roof Rack System is going to be a great option to get any of that gear, whether it be dirty, wet camping gear, possibly a bike, out of the inside of our car and making more room for passengers and pets. One of the nicest things about or AirFlow Two is that it's going to be a complete system and it's going to be super fast to get installed. Simply just going to wrap around our raised side rails and tighten a clamp, and it'll be on in minutes.Now, I know a lot of you are going to be wondering how loud it's going to be going down the road. Well, the aerodynamic shape of our bars are going to cut down on a lot of that wind noise and drag, so it is going to be a pretty quiet roof rack. Now, one thing Malone did do as well, is they provided you with some metal lock cores already in there, so we're not going to have to purchase anything extra.

It does come with two keys and all four foot packs are going to be keyed alike.The bars themselves are made out of an aluminum, so they're going to be nice and lightweight, but they're also going to be rust proof. Like a lot of roof racks, it is going to have this slot right here with a nice rubber strip not only to grab onto our accessories that we mount, but it's going to cut down on some of that noise. We can simply push down on the accessory, open up the end cap here, and we'll be able to mount up any of our favorite T track accessories.Now, I know a big concern is going to be the clearance between our sunroof or the roof itself and the bottom of our bar to make sure we have clearance to mount those accessories. The center of our roof to the bottom of the bar is going to be right about 3 inches. Because of the shape of our raised rails and the shape of our roof, our rear bar is going to be a slightly different measurement.

Now, we had both of them pretty far maxed out to where we can position them, and at the center of our roof at the rear bar, we're going to be right about 3-1/2 inches. The bars themselves are going to go just past our foot packs here, and this is with the 50 inch bars. If you want even more real estate to add more accessories and carry everything, you can put the 58 inch bars. Just keep in mind though, it is going to stick out 4 inches farther on each side.Our system is going to have 165 pound weight capacity. You just always want to double check your Jeep's owner's manual to make sure that the roof can withstand that amount of weight.

If you're looking to get that gear out of your car, put it in a cargo basket, carry a ski or snowboard carrier, or possibly a bike rack, our AirFlow Two is going to be a great option. It's going to have all the same features of a more high end roof rack, but also have the simplistic design, making it really easy to install.We already have our front cross bar installed. Let's go and put the rear one on together. The nice thing about our roof rack system is that it is going to be all preassembled when we get it. Just want to make sure that the feet are fully loosened before we put it on.

Also, if we pay attention to the shape of our bar, we want that round edge to be towards the front and that tapered edge going towards the back of our car. We're just going to loosely place our bar over our raised rails and get it in position. You may need to kind of push to get that rubber to go around the bar.Now, there's no exact measurement that you need to have your cross bars spread apart, but there is a minimum. We're going to go ahead and measure from the center, and we're actually going to put ours right about 28 inches. We'll get it set here, and then we'll go to the other side and make sure that distance is the same. Now we're going to want to make sure that our overhang is even on both sides. What I'm going to do is actually pull the bar all the way to one side so I can get a nice, even measurement. Going to measure that, and then divide that in half, which should give me an even measurement on both sides. We'll go to the other side and double check that the overhang is the same.We can take our included tool, and before you start tightening you want to make sure that the foot is all the way around your factory rail, that way it tightens on nice and secure. Now we're just going to tighten up our foot pack, making sure it grabs on there and the bar's not going to move. We'll move to the other side, tighten that up as well. With our bars secure, can actually take our tool, and there's going to be a slot right above the set screw that we tighten down. We can slide it in there, and then take the included key, unlock it, push it in all the way, and then lock it up. The other side's going to work the same. It's just going to be an end cap, so we'll take the key and go ahead and put it in on the other side.All we have left to do now is load up our gear and hit the road. That'll finish up your look at the Malone AirFlow Two Roof Rack System on our 2016 Jeep Cherokee.

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