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Malone Cargo16 Rooftop Cargo Box Review - 2015 Toyota 4Runner

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Review of the Malone Cargo16 Rooftop Cargo Box on a 2015 Toyota 4Runner

Hi, everyone. It's Evangeline here at etrailer. And today, we'll be taking a look at our Malone Cargo16 here on our 2015 Toyota 4runner. So, this is an awesome pairing for the 4runner because it's a good blend of cargo space but also not taking up too much space. If you're going on a big trip and you wanna carry around your extra gear like your skis, your snowboards, your camera equipment, you can put them in here but you still have space on the other side for your other cool accessories like your kayak or your bike rack. So, we'll talk about those different features.

We're gonna focus on this box here and see why it's a great fit for your 4runner. A big thing is hatch clearance. With our roof box installed, we can open up our hatch, still clear our bike rack. And we have about an inch of space from the back of the box to the top of our hatch. Now, I have it as far back as I can so it doesn't hit the hatch because I still want to use my sunroof.

So, what types of crossbars do you have and how far apart are they installed Do you have a hatch Do you have a sunroof These are important questions. Things you need to know before you get a roof box because you wanna make sure the roof box fits. Now, here we have Malone crossbars and they are set to 27 inches apart. The minimum crossbar spread you can get is 25 inches. The maximum is gonna be up to 40 inches.

Before you install your crossbars, go ahead and open up your hatch. You need a minimum of 15 inches from where your clamps go to the back of the hatch. So, measuring here for our crossbars, I have it at 19 inches. So, we definitely have clearance and we even have room to move the box around. We're then gonna put it where we want to put it.

So, I'm gonna move it as far forward as makes sense just so that we have enough clearance for our hatch. If I want to, I could also move it over to our overhang if I wanna have a kayak in the back. And let's just center it over those crossbars. Since we're using aero bars, we're gonna loosen up our clamps pretty much all the way open. And then we're just gonna slide it in from the top. Just line up your tray. So, the opening is over your crossbar, slide it in, and then slide that onto your crossbar. So, keep tightening down those clamps and they should have a click to show that you have enough torque or it's tightened down. So, do it twice like a gas cap. So, my personal thoughts about the Malone Cargo16 on our 4runner is I really liked it. I liked how I could open up the sunroof and I could open up the hatch, how I can access the cargo box on both sides of the 4runner. Now, with the 4runner being such a large vehicle though, the dual access wasn't as helpful because I still wanted to put like a kayak or a bike rack on the other side. But it still all worked out with being low-profile enough where I could fit it around our crossbars. But also, plenty of space for our fun gear for our fun adventures. And that right there was a look at the Malone Cargo16 rooftop cargo box in the color gray right here on our 2015 Toyota 4runner..

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