Longview Custom Towing Mirrors Installation - 2007 Chevrolet Suburban

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How to Install Longview Custom Towing Mirrors on a 2007 Chevrolet Suburban

Today on our 2007 Chevrolet Suburban, we're going to be test fitting the Longview original slip on towing mirrors. This is a kit that's going to come with both the driver and the passenger side. The part number is CTM1600. We're going to do an installation in real time for you, so you can see exactly how long this does take to put on your vehicle. We're going to open our box. We'll reach in.

We're going to find, since it is a kit, 2 mirrors. They come nicely packaged, so you're not going to have any scratches or anything like that on your mirror face. We have a nice instruction card, and our hardware packet. In the hardware packet, we've 2 hooks, 4 wing nuts, 2 disks with the threaded portion on it, 2 of the elbows, and 2 felt pads. Now the felt pads, we're not going to be installing them today, but you would place them on. You can see there's a hole here that runs in line, and then there's a hole here that runs kind of opposing, or the opposite direction of the actual elbow.

We'll do it around the one that's opposing. You just pull the tape backer off there, and you'll wrap it around just like that. That part makes contact with the mirror, so they just want to prevent any abrasion that may occur between the two. The housing, nice, strong ABS plastic. You've got a stractch-resistant mirror face.

Also, it doesn't fade over time. It's a really nice piece of glass. We've got the foam pads in here. Those are designed to fit onto your mirrors perfectly. These are going to help to avoid any wind noise or any vibration that you might have going down the road.

It makes for a really nice fit. One thing I forgot to show you, right here. RH, that's going to be right hand, or our passenger side. The other one, as you might imagine, is labelled LH. that's going to be for the driver's side. We're going to move to the driver's side here, after I assemble our corner here, or our hook system. We've got the disk. Make sure I do it correctly. We've got the disk. Now the disk portion is going to go through the one that has the . that's running inline, through the hole that's in the same line. Before we do that, we're going to place it through the mirror. It's going to go on like this. We want that facing upwards. We'll place that on. Then we'll stick a wing nut on there, just give it a couple turns just to hold it. That way it can move freely. We'll then take our hook, place it through the one that's running the opposite direction as the elbow. We're going to thread a wing nut on there, too, in theory. There we go. All right, again, secure that on there loosely. We don't need it too tight for now. Now let's make our way over to our vehicle. We're going to slide these on right over our factory mirror. We'll bring our hook around to the front, where it clips around that front egde, and then come here to the rear, where we're going to tighten our 2 knobs down. With our driver's side nice and secure, that thing's not going anywhere, let's go ahead and move over to the passenger side. We place our disks through, place the elbow on, a couple turns on the wing nut just to hold it loosely for now, place our hook through, and then our wing nut on the back of that. Now let's go to the passenger mirror, where we're just going to slide it on, bring our hook around to the front, clip it in place, and then just like we did on the other side, we'll tighten our 2 knobs down, just to hold it where we want it. Now with both of those secure, as you can see here at the front, we've got no interference with our factory mirror. We can still see our blinker in there. The breakaway feature, the tilting feature is still going to work. So we've got full factory operation of our mirror. We've just made our life a lot easier for towing. This is going to allow us to change lanes easier, park easier, negotiate around parking lots and stuff like that. Really going to help you out. We're going to take it out now, let you see what this thing looks like going down the road. We'll take it through our slalom course, our alternating bumps, and our solid bumps. That will complete today's test fit of the Longview custom slip on towing mirrors, part number CTM1600, on our 2007 Chevrolet Suburban. .

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