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Longview Slip On Custom Towing Mirrors Installation - 2021 Ram 1500

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How to Install the Longview Slip On Custom Towing Mirrors on a 2021 Ram 1500

Hey everybody, how's it going Today, we're gonna be going over and showing you how to install the Long View custom fit towing mirrors here on our 2021 Ram 1500. So these are what our towing mirrors look like installed on the vehicle here. Now in regards to the actual material, it's gonna be that textured black finish that's very commonly used on these vehicles, especially the side mirrors. So it is gonna blend in really well. And it's also gonna be a contoured fit. So that's sort of the benefit of the custom towing mirrors over the universal towing mirrors.

Universal towing mirrors are the ones that use those straps that go around the mirror. The custom fit ones are specifically molded to the side mirror. Therefore, you get a nice and tight fit. Now what that nice and tight fit does is, it's gonna cut down on road vibrations. A big issue with the universal mirrors is, as they don't have as tight of a fit, there's a lot of distortion in your actual mirror face due to just natural really driving down the road, going over bumps.

So it really doesn't give you the best field of vision. Whereas the custom ones here, everything's gonna be nice and secure there. Therefore, the mirror is not gonna be rattling around. You're gonna get a nice clear vision of your trailer and what's going on. So a great thing about these mirrors are, is actually they actually have cutouts that allow you to retain your factory mirror features.

So we can see a big one here. So this is gonna allow the indicator signal built into the side mirrors to still show through. And if we look on the bottom, depending on whether or not your model has this, we have both a puddle lamp and a camera. And there's actually a nice cutout in the aftermarket towing mirror here to allow for a hundred percent functionality of both of those features, if they are equipped. If you don't have them, no worries.

It's not gonna interfere with that either. But if you do, it's nice to know that you're not losing any features. So one of the biggest benefits of adding a towing mirror to your vehicle, if you're gonna be towing quite frequently with your trailer, I would definitely recommend looking into these because really what it comes down to is just making you more comfortable behind the wheel. When we're driving out on the highway, there's always gonna be those blind spots of people coming up on us when we need to get over. We just simply can't see. So it's really unknown. We don't wanna cut someone off cause a collision. Having that extra field of view here in your side mirror is really gonna help eliminate those potential accidents, 'cause we can really get a nice and clear view of people coming up on our blind spots. And something else I also really like towing mirrors for, is that when you're maneuvering around in a gas station in a tight parking spot, I'm always worried about the back swing of my trailer. I don't wanna clip another car making a turn. And again, having that extended field of view is really gonna help you feel more comfortable that you're not making those accidents and mistakes. So to give you guys a better visual of this, as you can see here, I'm clearly visible in the factory mirrors but I'm just standing directly beside the trailer there. That's not really gonna help us when we're on the highway, someone's coming up on our blind spots. But if I we're able to step over a couple feet here to simulate that oncoming vehicle, you can see we no longer see anything in our factory mirrors, but I do come into picture there in our towing mirrors. So that's really where these are gonna come into play, and one in my minds, one of the biggest benefits of adding these. To have a trailer that's very wide, you have a wide load that's certainly gonna help with those as well. But again, the main thing for me is blind spots on the highway. When you're traveling at a high rate of speed, there's very little room for error. So if we take a look at rather the inside of the mirror, you're gonna see we have a nice, very large mirror face. Pretty much everything that extends from the factory mirror is gonna have that glass there. Now this is a flat plain surface here, so it's not convex or concave and it's easily adjustable with the ball and socket joint. We'll just reach out our window there. You can use your fingers to easily adjust that mirror for your specific setup so you can get the best field of view. So something else you guys aren't gonna have to worry about here with these aftermarket towing mirrors because it's such a seamless design, everything has been thought of for you. You don't have to worry about any issues such as the breakaway feature on your factory mirrors. So if you're not familiar with this, let's say we're in a really tight parking space and we actually clip something else driving by, the factory mirrors here are gonna have a feature that allows the mirror to fold in so it doesn't break off. And with our aftermarket towing mirror here, everything is so tucked into the actual mirror there you don't have to worry about this impeding the factory breakaway feature. There's gonna be nothing that hits on the vehicle of the aftermarket mirror here. So there'll be no issues or concerns there. So in regards to installation, this one is very simple. We don't need any tools whatsoever. We're just gonna slide the mirror on, and secure it on the other side with a thumb screw and a little hook with some threads on it. So it's very simple, definitely something you can do easily. It's also very easy to remove. Go ahead and show you that now. We'll just simply loosen the thumb screw at the back, hold onto your hook so it doesn't fall down. Remove that, and then we can just simply pull it off. It's that easy. So the first step of your installation, it's a good idea to go ahead and wipe down the outer face of your factory mirror here. That's gonna prevent any scratches. However, there are built in pads here that's gonna help with shock absorption as well as scratching. So not a huge deal, but a good idea to just go ahead and wipe everything down first. But once that's done, we're gonna go ahead and grab the correct side mirror for the side we're working on. LH is gonna be for the driver's side. So it's clearly labeled inside here. And we're just gonna go ahead and slip it onto place starting with the outside and working in. Next thing you're gonna do is, you're gonna take the hooks that come in your kit here. We're gonna need one of these. And this hook here is gonna grab on to the factory mirror lip, and then the threaded section is gonna line up with a hole on the other side of our factory towing mirror. Or the aftermarket towing mirror. So it's gonna be just like that. We're gonna go ahead and hold it there so we can secure it on the other side with our thumb screw. So that little knob there on the back of the aftermarket mirror there, that's what we're gonna stick our thumb screw through and secure it to that thread. Inside, it's attached to the hook. Now you may need to align, or wiggle rather, that hook a little bit just to make sure everything's nice and centered. But once you get it started, just keep holding pressure. We don't wanna go too tight, but you do want a nice and snug fit. So go ahead and just keep tightening that. So it starts to get snug. It's pretty good there. I'm gonna go ahead and give the mirror a good wiggle just to make sure there's no movement. If we did have movement, that's when I go ahead and turn it a couple more times. But if not, we can stop there. You can see we have a nice snug and secure fit. And with everything secure, that's gonna do it today for our look and installation of the Long View Custom Fit towing mirrors here on our 2021 Ram 1500..

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