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Roadmaster Tail Light Wiring Kit Installation - 2019 Chevrolet Equinox

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How to Install the Roadmaster Tail Light Wiring Kit on a 2019 Chevrolet Equinox

Today on 2019 Chevrolet Equinox we're gonna be taking a look at. I'm gonna show you how to install the Roadmaster Taillight Wiring kit for tow vehicles. Once our ball and socket kit's installed on our vehicle, you can see we're able to transfer all of our light signals from our RV through to our car while it's been flat towed. What's gonna separate this from other kinds like the diode kit is this wiring system runs by itself. It doesn't have to be tapped into the factory wiring on the vehicle. Another nice thing about this kit is the bulbs are LED bulbs, so they're gonna outlast the typical incandescent bulb and they're gonna draw a lot less energy, use a lot less power to make them work.

The only downside to this kit is you will have to drill a hole on the inside part of the taillight. Each bulb's gonna give you 450 lumens and all the park lighting functions to safely flat tow your vehicle.There are five main components for flat tow setup. You have your base plate. You have your diode wiring kit. You have your braking system, your tow bar and your safety cable.

As far as the installation, it's pretty straightforward. You're gonna run your four pole wire that comes in your kit from the front to the back or back to front, however you choose. Drill holes in the back of each taillight, connect your wires and you're ready to go. Now that we've gone over some of the features, let me show you how to get them installed. Now to install your bulb and cycle wiring, it's gonna be easier if you're face is removed.

What we're gonna do while your face is off, we'll take a four pole wire. You can start in the back on either one of the lights or you can start here on the front and go back. I'm gonna start here in the front and go back. I'm gonna start here in the front and go back. I'm gonna route my wire here to these two pins.I'm gonna tape it just like that so when we put our facial back in place, before we put our plug on we have access to our wires.

Now to run our wire from the front of the vehicle to the back, you just want to make sure you're staying away from anything hot or moving. We ran ours from where our plugs are gonna be mounted underneath this panel right along this rail. I zip tie it here over the top of the rear axle we have a plastic tail that runs from here to the back. inaudible 00:02:03 socket I took these nuts off, pull it down, ran my wire right underneath right up next to my fuel tank. We have some hard lines here. Went up over the top, over the top of our rear axle, on top of our spring cup here right up to its existing wiring on our driver's side and I zip tied it there. Now we're gonna remove our taillights.Take out a small screwdriver. Gonna pop these little caps loose. T15 torques bit, take a few screws out. We're gonna pull the light straight back. Now if you have a plastic trim panel tool it may help a little bit. You take your light and you kind of hit it back like that. It'll pop out. To remove our factory plugs, we're gonna just simply push on the lock tab and pull out. We're gonna push here and we're gonna pull out. Now we need to make the hole in the back of our taillight for our new light to go in. Because this is plastic, we want to make sure we're taking it easy on making that hole 'cause we don't want to crack the plastic or break it apart 'cause then our light's not gonna fit. We're gonna take a whole saw bit, one inch and we're gonna drill a hole. When we drill a hole, we need to drill it to make sure that it's going in the red.What we want to do is we want to make sure that it's not too close to the lens on here 'cause we don't want the lights to discolor it. We also, this bulb goes inside here, we want to make sure because this is angled. We're gonna have to kind of go in at an angle. We want to make sure we're not gonna hit that other bulb. What I'm gonna do is I'm probably just gonna take this out and we're gonna go in. We're gonna about center it here. This is pretty long. We're gonna center it and try to make it as flat as possible. You're using a whole saw bit. Once we get the drill bit in, we're actually gonna use this backwards. We just want to make sure we go slow, take it easy. Now if you notice these little tabs here, you need to take a little screwdriver. We need to bend them out. If you don't bend them out, they're gonna look like this. Now notice it's not gonna stay in the light.We're gonna take some silicone, RTV silicone. If you don't have any you can find it here at We're gonna put it right around this edge. The reason we want to use this is once we put this bulb in there, we want to seal this hole. If we don't seal that hole you can get moisture inside. You get moisture inside it effects all of your wire connections and everything else. I will take our light, pop it into place. We're gonna do that same thing with the other light. You're gonna take all four wires, you're gonna separate them. The green one is gonna stay down. It's gonna go over to the passenger side of the vehicle. You're white, yellow and brown, you're gonna pass something down from the top here down through the bottom. I got some airline tube you can use, a piece of string with a bolt or a nut. There's enough space in there to get it dropped down. We're gonna take these through. I'm gonna tape it on to the end of whatever we passed down there and pull them up back through the topside of our fascia here.We're gonna take our three wires, we're gonna start making our connections onto our wires on our bulb. We're gonna start with our yellow wire. We're gonna go ahead and cut it to size. You can see I got it kind of close because when we put our light back in this extra wire's gonna have to push down in there and you don't want it hanging out the bottom of the car, so try to get it as close as possible. Strip it back. We're gonna strip our red wire back. We're gonna get one of these smaller blue inaudible 00:06:54. Now we'll do our brown wire. Our brown and white wire are gonna be a little bit different than our yellow because these two are gonna have to jump over to our passenger side. So it's gonna be easy. Our brown wire's gonna connect to our brown wire but we're gonna have two.So we're gonna have to cut this to size only we're gonna strip back both ends. Our extra wire that we just cut off, tie the ends together. This time we're gonna use the larger yellow bolt connector that comes in our kit. Now because we're using that larger one on this wire I'm gonna go ahead and double this. So make sure that stays connected. Now we're gonna do that same thing with this white wire onto our black wire coming out of our bulb. Now we're gonna take our yellow and brown wire or extra wire that we attached and we're gonna feed it back down behind our fascia to the bottom. I wrapped my wires with some electrical tape just to give it a little bit of extra protection. Now we'll go ahead an reinstall our taillight.We'll do our passenger's side the same way except our brown wire's a single wire, green wire's single, white wire's the only one that's gonna be doubled over here because we're gonna ground it right to the body of the vehicle. You see I grounded mine right here. You just want to make sure wherever you're putting your light in, it's not gonna hit it. I kind of put down like that. Since I was using airline tube, the way I ran it was actually through my bumper beam. My white wire and my brown wire are gonna be a little bit shorter and I didn't know if I was going to have enough to get up to the top. If you don't want to go through your bumper beam I'm gonna suggest using the extra yellow wire that you cut off and the green wire to extend your white and brown wire over on your passenger side or driver's side, whichever side you go to to give you a little extra room.Once you've got your wire run across the back of your bumper fascia, make sure you stay away from your exhaust. You're gonna go up the same way you did on the other side of the vehicle. Now we're gonna install our six pole plug on the front of the vehicle. This plug does not come with this kit. However you can find one here at On the back of our plug, it's gonna tell us which wires go where. They are marked LT for left turn, RT for right turn, GD for ground, TN is gonna be our brown wire. That's for our running lights. Center post here's gonna be for a charge line. Our customer also has a charge line which is this red wire here. The reason they have the charge line is because with this vehicle he has to be in the on position in order for it to be flat towed. We can go ahead and make our connections. We're just gonna match our wires to the plugs on the back.I'm gonna start with my right turn here on the outside. Little flathead or Philips screwdriver, gonna make sure you don't pull these screws out all the way 'cause they are very small. Now we'll test center wiring using an alternate power source. This is gonna simulate being hooked up to your RV. Running lights, left turn, brake lights, right turn. That'll do it for the look at and installation on the Roadmaster Taillight Wiring Kit for Tow Vehicles on our 2019 Chevrolet Equinox.

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