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Kuat Hitch Bike Racks Review - 2022 BMW X3

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Review of the Kuat Hitch Bike Racks on a 2022 BMW X3

Hello neighbors, it's Brad here at etrailer, and today we're taking a look at the Kuat Sherpa 2.0 on a 2022 BMW X3. Now here, we have it in the nice gunmetal color, it's also available in a pearl as well as a black. And that's something that really makes this kuat stand out. When it comes to getting a bike rack for your bike, for your vehicle, it can be a little bit tricky deciphering which one's the best for you. And I always suggest to people, if you ride a lot or plan on riding for a long time and not have to buy a new bike rack, you're best to go with a platform style. And platform does come in a little bit more of a premium price, but it really does allow you to carry any kind of bike on there safely without any sway, and I'm gonna explain why that is.

You'll see here, we have a wheel mount, which that's another thing that goes into picking a platform style, is you have a wheel mounted, which as the name implies goes on the wheel, there's also frame mounted ones as well, which go on to the frame. And that kind of can cause a little bit of issues, if you have a carbon fiber frame bike, and it can actually kind of work that. So generally those frame mounts, aren't gonna be something you'd want. Now this having the wheel mount, you can use any style of bikes. So like a mountain bike here, no problem, carbon frame bike, no problem.

And so that just cinches down, in the back here, it's just simply goes over your wheel, this plastic strap, shouldn't scratch your wheel, which is nice, and it cinches down. Now between those two points of contact, you're gonna realize this bike is not gonna anywhere, I'm sitting here shaking, whole rack's moving, but the bike is solid. And this is really apparent if you've ever had a hanging style rack and you look in your rear view mirror and bike's kind of moving in the wind or as you hit the brakes. And that's not really the case here when driving with a platform style, I never have to really look back and wonder if my bike is still attached. So added peace of mind alone makes the platform ideal in my eyes, if you plan on riding quite a bit.

Another feature that you may overlook at times when shopping for bike racks, I know I was guilty of it, is the tilt feature. And why would you need to tilt with your bike on here I'll show you why. So if I go for a ride and then after my ride, I need to go to the grocery store, or even when I get to the park, I just wanna have my helmet and water bottle and everything set up in the car, instead of having to take my bike off, pretty easy here, just with the push of this knob down, you can actually tilt it down with the bikes still attached, and then you're able to still open up your rear hatch. This is great because even with wide handlebars on this bike, which is 31 inches, you still have clearance. So I can grab all my supplies or like I said, if I'm going grocery shopping, load all this up and I won't have to take my bike off in the parking lot and leaning against something.

So that's really nice and something that you'll realize once you're actually using your rack out in the real world, how this is actually really convenient to have. Now I'm gonna go ahead and take the bike off and we'll take a closer look. So removing the bike is very easy as well. I simply just push this tab here and that's gonna loosen up the strap here. It's still holding up by itself, which is great. And then you just simply come over here, push this button up, this will raise and go out of the way. And now I can actually pick up my bike with no real interference here, which is nice. Now, how does this actually fit on the BMW Quite well actually. You have a decent amount of clearance between the bike and the car itself, so you're not having to worry too much about making contact with the vehicle during transportation. So let's get a quick measure of overall added length here. So from the rear of the fascia to the furthest point here, we're looking at 33 and a half inches. So that's something to keep in mind when you're backing into a parking spot that you're used to, or if you're just driving around town, just always remember that you do have a little bit of extra added length to it. Something else that's important is gonna be your ground clearance, from the bottom of the rack to the ground, puts us right at about 11 inches, and that's a decent amount of ground clearance, but something to keep in mind, if you are hitting an off-road trail and the trail to get there is kind of bumpy, or if you're having to drive up on inclines, you wanna make sure that this doesn't make contact with the ground. If you wanna keep this on your vehicle throughout the year, even when you don't have bikes on it, that's also not a problem because that extra added length can actually go away when you don't have a bike attached. And that's as simple as using that same knob that we use to tilt down and putting it in this position. And when it's in this position, it also kind of creates a statement. This is an extremely, very good looking bike rack, the aesthetics alone, make this stand out on the highway. So when you have a nice BMW like this, this compliments, it really well, especially with having color options. Now in this folded up position from the rear of the fascia to the furthest point, we're only gonna be adding about 18 inches to the overall length of the vehicle. So it really does become a pretty compact rack, and it also does a pretty good job of carrying a bunch of different bikes. I talked earlier that it's gonna be great for your carbon fiber, but also you can go up to a three inch wide tire on these channels, which is pretty good, and it's gonna accommodate most of your mountain bikes, even with a little bit of oversized tires. As far as weight goes, you can go up to 40 pounds per bike for a total of 80. So again, that should cover most of the bikes that you're gonna be loading up on here. Something also nice, that is a great feature of the Sherpa is this anti-rattle knob here, and you can just make this twist to loosen it up. And what that's doing, is it's actually loosening up a ball in the inside of the receiver tube opening. And when you tighten it down by hand, that's just gonna extend it out, creating no gap inside of the tube. And that's gonna really be noticeable when driving, you're not gonna hear this clanking around, in fact, it stays steady with the hitch itself. Now the hitch pin itself actually doubles as a tool here that allows you to tighten this up, to get that extra cinch down. And the hitch pin is included, which is a really nice feature as well. Now also included is gonna be a cable lock, and this actually integrates into the rack itself. So this snaps in, and it uses the same key system as your locking hitch pin, so that's pretty cool. Instructor This is our test course, let's start with the slalom. This shows side to side action, such as turning corners or evasive maneuvering, then onto our alternating speed bumps. This show a twisting action such as hitting curbs, potholes, road debris, or even uneven pavement. Last of all, the solid speed bumps, this shows up and down action, such as driving through a parking lot or parking garage, or driving in and out of a driveway. Now, again, the choice of what bike rack you go with is up to you. But as someone that rides, I generally recommend this to people that I know are gonna ride for a lot in a long time, and really don't wanna have to buy another rack again. We've used this one as a demo for quite a while now, and it's held up perfectly. No issues with it, all the touch points are great, the fit and finish is wonderful, the colors look great. This is one of the best aesthetically looking bike racks in my own opinion. So when you have something like an X3, which is a nice looking car and the fact that you can color-match it, to show some really nice colors, this is gonna be a really good choice for you bike riders out there..

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