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Kuat Grip Slide Out Ski and Snowboard Carrier Review - 2022 Subaru Outback Wagon

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Review of the Kuat Grip Slide Out Ski and Snowboard Carrier on a 2022 Subaru Outback Wagon

Hey, everybody. Welcome to E I'm Bobby and today we're taking a look at the Kuat Grip snowboard and ski carrier for four skis or two boards here on our 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness. So, this is gonna be your premier snowboard and ski carrier here at E The reason for that, we're getting a lot of amazing features. The looks alone on this guy, I think, speak for itself.

And we are getting just a few unique little things about it that really start setting it apart from the rest. The big one for me, is gonna be the ability for this actually to slide out and out of the way, make it a lot easier to get your snowboards and your skis here on the roof of your vehicle. Now today, we are working with 59 inch crossbars. So, I got a little bit of overhang here. And if I wanted to, I could move this a little bit further out but not everybody is gonna have aftermarket factory bars.

If you do have factory bars, you're probably gonna need more inset here on your raised rails. And that's where I think the grip's gonna be even more important. 'Cause a lot of times we'd have to be reaching over our Subaru. It is nice, I don't wanna be scratching up with anything on my pants or anything, don't wanna have to open my door all the time to get up and mount on top of my roof. This way, it makes it a lot easier just to pop these guys like so, utilize these little latches.

Now one thing I will say here today on our raised rail I have to kind of account for my bindings. And that's one thing about this slide out that we kind of have to compensate for. So, my taller bindings here, I just flipped up. If you want to get another board stacked on this guy, might be a little harder to actually get this to slide out, albeit you could just lift it while it's going over your raised side rails. And it does work out pretty well that way but that makes it a lot easier to grab our skis, to grab our boards, start getting 'em loaded up and then start loading 'em into place, which is great.

Now we are gonna have a 165 pound weight capacity with this guy. So I think we're gonna be really hard pressed to get that maximum potential that we are allowed to have. And I think it's gonna do a great job of getting our boards there. Now these teeth are very unique. A lot of times all you're seeing is two little rubber pieces that are compressing on themselves. What I like about this guy, makes it a lot easier to actually stay in place. It's not gonna be shifting on our carrier, let alone, it just does a great job of actually clamping onto our boards and our skis. So we got our snowboards and our ski on there right now. I'm just gonna bring this guy down. You can see, even in the back there, it is kind of accounting for our thickness of our boards. So, taller in the back, accounting for that, and making sure we can still clamp on here on the end, which is great. And I really, really like how this system works, for two reasons, this open hole is great for if you do have the ability to use your fingers and if you just had a little glove or mitt on, you can still kind of unlatch it, just like that, get it up out of the way, which is awesome. And, one thing I really, really like, you have two ways of locking this. So, right here in the front, this becomes excellent to prevent this from popping up here on the side, you actually have the ability of completely locking it, which is great. But why I like this quick lock, right We can come down, get our boards loaded back up, quickly latch it, quick lock it. And then, when I get back to the top, wherever I might be, right before I jump on, I can unslot those. Don't have to worry about my key and then get that off. And that makes sure that our carrier isn't gonna be walking out if we hit a bump or anything, I'm not worried about this flying off. I really do like to see that. And secondly, each one of our foot pads is also gonna have a lock and that's all gonna be key to like making sure that our boards and our skis stay attached to our carrier and our carrier stays attached to our vehicle when we leave it unattended. So our Kuat Grip is made of aluminum and plastic elements making it really resistant in any kind of corrosion we're gonna be experiencing. And, of course, as we have that snow melt on there we want something that's gonna be lasting us for the years to come. And overall, I really do like the clean look here of the Grip, and again, I think those features really just speak for themselves. Really do like how this guy works. Let's go ahead and grab our snowboards and our skis and start taking a closer look at our carrier. Now that we have our snowboard and our ski removed. I wanna go ahead and go over a few dimensions here. So with our carrier all the way extended to the top here you are gonna have a necessary height of 14 and about one quarter inches there. And that can be important if you are in a garage somewhere trying to load up. If you have a low hanging garage that might make it a little harder for yourself but hopefully you have the pretty good idea now from the top of your own crossbar at home and you are gonna have about 30 inches here from your back end to your front. So do keep that in mind and that can be important when you're trying to get a bunch of accessories on the roof. You can see here, we do have room on the other side for a little bit of accessories something like maybe a Yakima Skinny Warrior. That's gonna be a cargo basket. That's just little bit smaller, really not too much room. I will say the Grip takes up quite a little bit of room here, especially if we we're on like factory bars you really would see a kind of a push into the inside of that. That can be something to kinda watch out for and for your inside usable length here. Let me go ahead and just try it out. Yep, that's gonna put us right about 22 and really not even a half inch there a quarter inch from that inside, I would call it just a comfortable 22 inches as well. And that can be important of making sure that our width of our boards and our skis are actually gonna fit on here. So how is this actually mounted onto our crossbars Well, we have our rubber coated metal strip here that simply goes underneath your crossbar latches into this side and starts securing. Here on this side, we do have a little insertment. It does come with a hex wrench, so we can actually tighten this up. And we're just tightening that band in place and bringing ourselves to the other side, they can actually see our quick release lever here. That's actually what's pulling that up. Just simply sits right in there and that latch cinches it down. And of course, you do have your locking core to make sure that that's not gonna come undone at all. So really, really do like how that works. And it's not so important here on our Subaru Outback Wilderness because we do have that nice flatter roof. If you we're to put this on a different vehicle in the family, though, you can see this little bolt right here gonna use that same wrench. And what it allows you to do is actually tilt your carrier just a little bit. And that's great for curved roofs something like a Toyota RAV4 or Prius where you're starting to see a pretty gradual shift or severe shift in your incline. That can be really important and really helpful. But again, here on the Subaru not the end of the world. Now, as we saw with that install, really not hard to get on a variety of different bars. As long as, of course, we are staying within four and one quarter of an inch, for our width and that can be something like your big ole heavy duty bars that somebody might be putting on here. Again, that's probably the biggest issue these guys are going to run into to that install is really, really simple as we're just going around it and clamping on. So, I really do like how that works. Overall, the Kuat Grip is an excellent choice. It's the premier snowboard and ski carrier for a reason. We're getting a lot of great features like that slide out, like all of those locks. If you're looking for something that maybe won't break the bank so much, something like the Yakima Fat Cat Evo four is an excellent option. Pretty much similar things you're seeing here. And you do have locking capabilities with that. If you wanna go further more down the line if you're a little like me and just trying to have some fun without breaking out the purse. One thing you could look at too is gonna be the Rhino-Rack snowboard and ski carrier, still an excellent device, albeit we're not getting all these cool little features that we are seeing on the Grip. And overall, I think that's really what we have to ask ourselves, do we want that convenience of making this easier to slide out, get our boards and our skis right here, ready to go I'll leave that up to you guys at home. Really do like the Grip here. And I think it's an excellent choice for any snowboards and skiers out there. Otherwise though, I think that about does it for our look here today at the Kuat Grip four, here on our 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness. I'm Bobby, thanks for watching..

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