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Kuat Class 4 V2 Kayak Carrier Review - 2021 Toyota 4Runner

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Review of the Kuat Class 4 V2 Kayak Carrier on a 2021 Toyota 4Runner

Hi, everyone. Aiden here with And today we're gonna be taking a look at the Kuat Class 4 J-Style Kayak Carrier here on our 2021 Toyota 4Runner. Now, personally I really like J-style kayak carriers in general, just because of the way they hold the kayak. Upright like this leaving more space on your roof for other accessories whether it be a second kayak, a basket, a box, anything that you might wanna put up there, you're gonna have that extra room on the crossbars to put it. In addition, I feel like the J-style kayak carrier holds it really solid as well, everything's cradled in there really nicely, and with all the really nice straps included with this, everything is held in really solid.

Now the strap kit included with the class 4 is really nice. You've got these cam buckle straps on the main portion here holding the kayak into the carrier. Those are pretty standard. One thing I really like about it is that it has included hook and loop to tie up all that excess straps. So you don't have to tie a knot yourself or store it the kayak.

And then it's all routed through these really nice integrated channels on the carrier, making sure the strap stays untangled and making all of the tie down really easy too. The bow and stern straps are also going to be that cam buckle style rather than the rope style where you have to tie your own knots to secure it. You have that same hook and loop to secure your excess strap and everything just runs to either a point on your kayak or for the front we have it to our toe hook and on the back we have it integrated into our safety chain loop. So everything attaches really well and works really well on the 4Runner. So to undo this, all I have to do is undo that hook and loop, pull this through the cam buckle, and then I can undo the portion from the safety chain loop down here.

We do also have a good amount of padding down here. So this is what was making contact with the bumper for us. So we don't have to worry about any sort of paint damage to the vehicle while this is in place. So all that just loops through itself nice and easy. And same thing up top.

This just loops through itself to a secure point on the kayak. So removing it is a breeze. There we go. And we can just repeat that process for our other straps. Now it's no secret that the 4Runner is a pretty tall vehicle. So loading and unloading the kayak, especially on your own is gonna be a challenge. It's definitely doable if you are on the tower side but you probably want to have a friend to help. And if you don't have that, you may wanna look into something with a lotus assist system, such as the Malone downloader and ease the kayak up slowly over time. It's just a lot easier to get it up onto a tall vehicle like this. You do however, have some small sort of ramp like shape here. So if you can get the kayak kind of up to here, it's easier to just push it up into place into the cradle like that, or to use that to kind of ease it down like I did. Again, definitely doable but with the taller vehicle, you just wanna be mindful of all that. Now in here, we can see we've got really nice padding on the cradles and to fold it down, we just have this lever system right here to fold it down flat. So when you're not using it, if you want to keep it on your roof rack, you absolutely can, it won't take up that much extra space. So with it like this, it's obviously going to take up a lot less space. From the top of the crossbar to the highest point in the rack, we're going to be sticking up 5 1/2 inches. So when you're pulling in your garage, things like that where you might not have as good a clearance, just keep that in mind that there is that extra height added to your crossbar. When it's folded down like this, everything is really sleek. A lot of other folding carriers will have a lot of gaps that can create a lot of wind noise. So leaving it up on your roof like this might not be the most user friendly thing, but with it like this, I think it's gonna cut down on that noise quite a bit. You're still gonna have it just with something being on your roof, it's kind of the nature of it, but it will help reduce that by limiting all of those air gaps and just keeps it looking nice here on your roof. You do have the ability to add locking cores here so you can keep the carrier locked to your roof rack when you're not around, keeping it nice and safe. And to attach it is really simple. You've just got these levers here that you'll pull and these straps will feed in and around the bar. So removing it is really easy, and then attaching it once you've got those straps set to the proper tension for your roof rack, is also really easy. Just feed them in and fold down the levers. You'll feel a bit of tension there. To get it secured, this one is a little bit, there we go, there. Nice and simple, really quick to put it on or off the roof and you don't have to have any tools to do it. And overall, I really like the class 4 here. If you're looking for a really nice premium kayak carrier that is going to have some safety features like locking and just really simple, easy to use controls, like that folding and the attaching clamps, this is gonna be a great option and it's gonna fit really well on your 4Runner here. Thanks for watching..

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