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Konig Self-Tensioning Low-Pro Snow Tire Chains Installation - 2019 Toyota Tacoma

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How to Install the Konig Self-Tensioning Low-Pro Snow Tire Chains on a 2019 Toyota Tacoma

Adam: Hi, everyone, Adam with Today we're going to be taking a look at the Konig Easy Fit Snow Tire Chains on our 2019 Toyota Tacoma. So these chains are going to have a dual sided D-link shape to them and they're all going to be made of a high quality manganese alloy steel. Also as you can see, if you compare them to just lantern pattern, look at all this more surface area that we have. We have cross chains here and also we have a diamond pattern as well.Always a plus for me and on top of that, it's just going to think about your actual wheel. We have our coated chains here, just in case they do make contact with our rim here.

We don't have to worry about that scratching or anything like that. Other than that, pretty much the bread and butter of this thing is just the fact that it's super easy to install.All you really need to do to take it off is just push these two like so and then you're pretty much ready to go. It's really that easy and that's really what sets these apart from most in the snow tire chain game. Other than that, there's a couple of them too, that you have to have rubber tensioners that you have to buy separately. These, you don't have to.And just the fact that it comes in probably one of the nicest cases compared to all the others.

Some come in canvas bags. Some come in a plasticky type and it doesn't really have a good quality zipper. Because a lot of them usually, over time, just come off just because you shove all those chains into a bag and then try to make it fit. With these, they're super easy and it's very, very nice too, just because it's big enough. You don't really have to worry about trying to make them fit and it comes with instructions.So let me just go ahead and show you guys how quick I can get these off.

Undo that, go around back, pull these out. And then when we're done, it goes in there nice and neatly. And it's as easy is that.So the first thing we want to do is just raise it up, make sure we don't have any kinks in our links or anything like that. And if all of that is in order, I'm going to pull on these two tabs here and pull this tab out. And then that's going to allow us to be to pull these apart and it should actually start moving this knob, this little step here, down a little bit.Yeah, there we go.

Now once we have it like so, remember this is a step. So obviously this is going to go up and this portion of our chain is going to go on top of our wheel. Stretch that, reach around it and then go ahead and fit that around. We want to make sure that that red wire, we wanted to get it at the very bottom, like so. And then just work the remainder of that around on both sides.And we're almost done. Almost done. So now that's all in place, all you really need is a foot. Step on this, you'll hear it snap into place and that should get rid of most of that tension. Well everyone, that's pretty much all there is to it, for our look at the Konig Easy Fit Snow Tire Chains on our 2019 Toyota Tacoma.

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