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Konig Self-Tension Low-Pro Snow Chains Installation - 2019 Honda Civic

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How to Install the Konig Self-Tension Low-Pro Snow Chains on a 2019 Honda Civic

Hi everyone, it's Evangeline here at etrailer. And today we'll be taking a look at the Konig Easy Fit Low-Pro SUV Snow Tire Chains, right here on our 2019 Honda Civic Sport. So, if you're planning a trip out to where there's a lot of snow and a lot of ice, or you're expecting some extreme weather conditions, you might be interested in some tire chains. So, that's where these come in handy. These are gonna be your premium tire chains, where they check off all the premium boxes. Is it super low profile Is it easier to install Is it self-tensioning That certainly give these Easy Fit Low Profile Snow Tire Chains from Konig.

They have a little bit of a different design. So, in this video, I'll explain the differences between these and some other tire chains, that way you can make the best decision for the best fit for you, your adventures and your vehicle. So, these are gonna be self-tensioning tire chains. We have a diamond pattern here. So what's that means is, there's traditional ladder pattern for tire chains, then there's the diamond pattern.

This covers a bit more of your tire compared to those ladder patterns. So, rather than hearing as you go down the road, this is gonna cover it a bit more, have a smoother ride, but also this is compatible with your ABS or your anti-lock systems, as well as makes it better, because then you have that traction when you have to make those stops as well as those turns, even on snow and ice. Now, let's take a look at what the links are made of. Other than being arranged in diamond pattern, they are made of Manganese-Nickel alloy Steel construction. What that means is, compared to other material for tire chains, these focus on corrosion, resistance, and durability.

If you want chains that are gonna last for multiple seasons or for an extended period of time, you want them to be corrosion resistant like these. Notice how we have these super low profile square links. Since there're square links, you have got flat edges on each side creating that traction, but since there're super tiny, if you have limited clearance around your wheel or around your tire, this is gonna be good because it's Class-S compatible. So, in the front we have these coated chains. So, that means even if you're not wearing gloves like me, you're not freezing your fingers off as you place them on your wheel.

Also for your rims, it's nice to not have that metal to metal contact. And you also have these self-tensioners in the middle. So, as you drive around, you're gonna hit rocks, ice, snow or salt, things are gonna move around, so, it's nice to know that's continuously tensioning. When your chains arrive, and they're gonna arrive in a box, and in that box is this bag. So, let's open it up. You have a zipper and you're gonna get two sets of chains, or two chains. Passengers driver's side. And you're gonna have this mat where you have the instructions there. Although that's also what this video's for. And you're gonna have a goody bag. Inside the goody bag, we have a larger manual or instructions, we have plastic gloves, and then we have the bumpers as well as extra links. So, these bumpers go between your chain and your rims, if you're worried about that. So, I have these tire chains installed on our front tires as per the owner's manual. And the tire size we have is 235/40R18. I know there's a bunch of different tire sizes for the Honda Civic, so, definitely take a look at the side wall on your tire to make sure you get the correct measurement. And you can use that measurement right here at and use our fit guide to put in your year make model, select the correct tire size, and then we're gonna have a selection for you of our tire chains that fit your vehicle and your tire. Before I guide you through the install process which is super easy by the way, I have some personal thoughts about these tire chains especially after installing a bunch of different chains on our Honda Civic Sport. So, these are gonna be probably the fastest ones. I think they work best on these tire size I have on right now. Sometimes it can be a little trickier even though they're Easy Fit. This was a really good fit though. Now, if you're not interested in the super premium price that this sits at, we also have some easy to install tire chains also from Konig. Those are gonna be the Konig CB-12, or the CG-9 chains. They require a little bit more of an install, but they're also self-tensioning, they work great. Definitely check out my video, if you're not sure which type of tire chain you prefer. The install process is super simple, although you may have to roll your vehicle back and forth. Let's take a look at that. We have these red ends here. You're gonna wanna pull them as far as you can just to get them as loose, and then we're just gonna fit these over our tire. So, first thing, get that centered over there. Once you have it pretty much over your tire and it's not tangled up, you're just gonna continue pushing all this all the way back until the entire entire hoop itself is rested behind the tire and not in the center at all. Next step, is you're gonna flip this down and then you're gonna step on this. I'm just gonna use my entire weight. Push down on it and then it should click. There we go. So, if you find that it's loose the first time you tighten it down, then I do recommend rolling your vehicle backwards or forward so it's diagonal, and then the cable is out of the way as you tighten it down, then you're gonna get a nice fit just like this, where everything's secure, your tensioners are working and tensions everything together. So, do that exact same process on the passenger's side and once everything is nice and secure, that's it for the install you're ready to hit the road. And that was a look at our Konig Easy Fit Low-Pro Snow Tire Chains, right here on our 2019 Honda Civic Sport..

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