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Konig Self-Tensioning Low-Profile Snow Tire Chains Installation - 2019 Honda Civic

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How to Install the Konig Self-Tensioning Low-Profile Snow Tire Chains on a 2019 Honda Civic

Hi everyone. It's Evangeline here at etrailer. And today we'll be taking a look at our Konig self tensioning tire chains. These are the CG-9 snow tire chains right here on our 2019 Honda Civic Sport. If you're expecting a lot of winter weather some ice, some snow, and you need extra traction on your Honda Civic Sport, you might need some tire chains or if you're going to a place that requires tire chains these are a really good option too. So these are gonna be what I consider the best low profile but also easy to install chains.

We'll go over those different features those different specs so that way you can make your best decision from amongst all the different chains for your Honda Civic sport. Which one's the best for you, the place you're going, and your vehicle. A quick comparison between the different types of chains. There's gonna be the CB-12 Thules work almost the same way as these, but they're a little bit larger. so they give you a bit more traction.

If you need something that still gives good traction but is a lot more low profile because you have limited wheel well clear. That's what these are for. They're super low profile. They have nine millimeter links. So this uses square links made of manganese, nickel alloy steel construction, and that's gonna be where it prioritize endurance and longevity.

So if you need something that can resist corrosion doesn't break down with the salt and the snow and the ice. You're gonna want links like these. With them being square links, you have flat ends on each side that adds to the traction but these are also dime and pattern links. So what that means is there's usually ladder style which is a traditional style but they can be kind of trickier to install, and you're gonna hear, as you drive around these are diamond patterns. So they cover a bit more of your tire.

Very helpful with when you have to stop, when you have to make those turns, also they're compatible with your ABS or your antilock systems on your wheels. These are class S compatible. That means if you have super limited clears you need something that's certified class S in terms of being low profiles. They're also color coded one, to look nice but also to help you out with figuring out what the next step is. But I do recommend watching my video where I guide you through that process later on. Notice how these hit the rims, though, while they are coded you don't have the steel on there but you also get these bumpers. And these are included with your tire chains for if you have a fit like this, you just pop them in there and they provide a cushion in between. Where these really shine is how quick and how easy it is to install. On our Honda Civic, it was kind of hard getting underneath and around the tires for our other tire chains. This made it so much easier 'cause I didn't have to crawl behind our tire. This also says self tensioning system. So notice how this goes down and pulls on our chains just to provide that tension all throughout. I have these installed on our front tires as per the owner's manual. And our tire size is 235/40R18. Here's a bunch of different tire size options for your Honda Civic. So if you're not sure what tires you have you can find them printed right there on your side wall. Use those numbers on our We have a good fit guy there, put your year make model and then we can guide you for the best selection, for the right fit for your vehicle. And when your chance arrive, they arrive in this hard shell case and I really like that especially if you're require to keep few chains inside your vehicle at all times, this keeps it nice and secure and out of the wheel, in fact you even have a hoking loop patch in the back. That's just to help stick to your upholstery and your trunk. Opening up the case, you have these tabs take off those tabs. You have two chains on the inside and you have a goody bag that goody bag has the bumpers we talked about earlier. Plastic instructions, a plastic map and some plastic gloves. I personally recommend using your own stronger and sturdier gloves. This is gonna be one of my favorite tire chains for the Honda Civic Sport just because it's such a pain to crawl underneath your car and reach around and connect chains. If you don't like lying in the snow, in the dirt, in the ground, these are gonna be a good option for you. I talked about the CV-12 and the CG-9. The main difference between the two is just be how large those links are. If you don't need super low profile, go ahead and take a look at the CB-12 from Konig. That's gonna have the same easy-to-do install process. Yes, they're a little bit more pricier but you do get those premium features. And I personally think it pays off in terms of ease of use. Now I keep talking about how easy it is to put on. Let's take a look at that. Now, once you get your chains, I recommend the instant you get them in the mail. Go ahead, take them out of their box. Take a look at them. Get familiar with the process follow along with my video for the install process. That way you know how to put these chains on before you're stranded on side of the road in the snow. So we'll take a look at ours, make sure it all looks good. I like to just comb it out. So then everything is visible. Nothing is tangled, everything looks good. There's also the correct side to these chains. So let's take a look at that over by the blue notice the way these chains are connected to it. So there's gonna be a flat portion and then there's gonna be a hooked portion. You wanna make sure that flat portion is facing your tire. The hook portion is facing away. Once you verify that everything looks good you're then gonna grab this half of the chain with that yellow end and then speed it as far around your tire as you can get it. We're gonna keep this side over here, we're gonna grab that side over there and make sure this is all the way around. I like to just comb these out a little bit. That way they sit easier upon the tire when I connect our top pieces. So we have that yellow end and then that blue end we're kinda gonna bring it up. So just fit those two together, pull it so it's secure and then go ahead, leave that behind your tire as you drape your chains forward. So this is a kind of a loose fit for our tire size here. So what I'm gonna do is I'm not gonna connect the red links. I'm gonna get this gray link towards the back and that's where I connect to this hook. So after you connect the top part you're gonna connect the bottom part. So notice how we have this long gray cable. You're gonna open up this hook here, just feed that cablet in there. And then once that's in that hook is down, you just pull on that lightly. You don't have even have to give it that much force. Your final step is this Bungee cable. That's gonna come down, connect to that hook and then that's it. As you drive around, this is gonna be pulling on your cable and adjusting to the tension. Since this has its own tensioner you don't have to add any of your extra rubber tensioners. Do this exact same process on the passenger side. After that, I recommend just driving forward a couple feet double checking everything's in place. If it is, that's it with the install, super easy you're ready to hit the road. And that was a look at the Konig CG-9 self tensioning snow tire chains on the 2019 Honda Civic Sport..

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