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Konig Self-Tensioning Snow Tire Chains Installation - 2020 Ford Escape

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How to Install the Konig Self-Tensioning Snow Tire Chains on a 2020 Ford Escape

Welcome to Today we're taking a look at the Konig XG12 Pro Snow Tire Chains here on the 2020 Ford Escape. These snow tire chains are going to be a great option for the Ford Escape here just because we do have a very tight wheel well and we can make our connections entirely from outside of the tire. And the self tensioning system here on the front, really seals the deal for me, just knowing that as your tire wears down over time, your fitment changes, the snow tire chain's going to be able to adapt to that and keep up with it. Now the chains themselves are going to be a diamond-patterned square link and they're gonna have these little square studs in the center in the pattern, as it goes around, which is going to give you a nice balance between your start and stop as well as your turning, so you're not having to sacrifice one for the other. And the chains themselves are going to be made of a manganese-nickel alloy, which is gonna hold up very well to rust and corrosion.

As well as the manganese-nickel helping it stand up to rust and corrosion, it's gonna come as a set of two with this hard plastic case, which I really like. Most snow tire chains are gonna ship with like, a chintzy bag that kind of tears apart in the off season, but this is gonna help make sure that all your chains are in the same spot, ready to go and they're not gonna break through this. Now with snow tire chains, they are a wear-use item, so there's something that's not necessarily supposed to last a very long time, but being made of that nickel alloy and having the hard plastic case, as long as you oil it, grease it and keep it dry in the off-season, you're going to do a very good job of having an item that's going to last as long as you need it to. As I said earlier, the installation on these isn't that bad at all because all the connections are made from outside. You don't have to crawl underneath of your vehicle to do anything.

Let's show you how it's done. To start out our installation today, we've gone ahead and laid out our tire chains next to the tire. We're on the front tire today for the Ford Escape, just because most Ford Escapes are front wheel drive. Now you do want to check your owner's manual and make sure that you're putting your tire chain on wherever the drivetrain ascending power tube, be it the front or the back. And then all-wheel drive vehicle, you're still gonna want to put it on the front.

With this laid out, note that the yellow end of the cable's facing the back of the vehicle. This ensures that these connections right here, the smooth side is facing up and the hooks are facing down. So that way when we do sling this around the back of the tire and drape it up and over, we're not having any risk for puncture or tearing on the side wall. With everything looking good, we can bunch up both sides of the chain and push it around the back. The first connection is gonna be behind the tire, but just to show you what you're doing, you're going to take one of these links and slide it in and slot itself where the cable's connected.

Now it is a tight fit here on the Ford Escape, so it's going to be a little tough to see. Now we just need to drape the chain over the top of the tire and get ready to make our connections in the front. Everything on these tire chains is going to be color-coded, so we're going to take this red link and this red hook and connect them here at the top to get our first connection. And now this is the self-tensioning portion of this tire chain. We're going to open this gate with our thumb, slide these plastic beads through and pull on it to get the nice fit. All that's left now is to take this red plastic hook, pull it down, connect it here and now this is going to self-tension. So as we start rolling down the road, if anything bumps or one of these change shifts out of state, this is going to pull on it and give us the tension that we need. And that was a look at the Konig XG12 Pro Snow Tire Chains here on a 2020 Ford Escape..

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