Konig Standard Snow Tire Chains Installation - 2018 Hyundai Tucson

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How to Install the Konig Standard Snow Tire Chains on a 2018 Hyundai Tucson

Today on our 2018 Hyundai Tucson, we're going to be taking a look at, I'm going to show you how to install the Konig standard snow tire chains. Keep in mind we will be installing these on tire size 225-60-17. This is what our tire chains look like when they're installed. What's going to set these chains apart from others out there like your ladder pattern or your V pattern, is these are going to be a diamond pattern design, so they're going to give you more tire coverage. Your diamond pattern, you're going to have a cross chain in the center, unlike your other chains out there. This is really going to help give you a lot better traction, especially when making turns.Each chain is going to have square links.

They're going to have flat ends, which is really going to help give you more surface-to-surface contact between the chain and the roadway. It's also going to allow the chain to wear more evenly so they last longer. Our chains are going to be constructed of a manganese nickel alloy, so they're going to resist rust or corrosion. Our inner chains are going to have a coating on them, so they're not going to be cold to the touch, and they're going to be color coded for ease of installation. We're going to have integrated an rubber tensioner.

This is going to help maximize the fit of your tire and make sure the chain stays on tight while you're going down the road. These are going to have a 30 mile per hour speed rating, come in a quantity of two, and come with a nice case for easy storage.Now, I've installed these on the front tires of the vehicle because it's a front wheel drive. If you'd like to pick up a second set for the other wheels, just use the same part number. First thing we need to do to start our installation is we're going to lay our chains out. We're going to check our chains and make sure there's no kinks or knots in them.

You want the yellow side to face towards the front of the vehicle. You're going to notice a split here in the center. This is going to be the center of the tire on the inside. We're going to take the yellow side, we're going to feed it behind and come out of the front. We want this to be on the bottom side of our tire, this chain to be on that side of our tire.Now we're going to take our yellow end.

You're going to see it's going to have two tabs on it. We're going to have our locking mechanism over here. What we're going to do is we're going to lock them together, but we're not going to do that until we get it up above the tire. We're going to take them like this, we're going to take this coating here, we're going to go behind. We'll come right up here at the top. Put them together just like that. We'll take it and we'll push it back. We're going to take our red hook and our red link, hook them together. Now we'll push our tire chain around, kind of evenly spread it out. We're going to take our gray chain with our rubber tensioner. We're going to go through this open slot and set it in place like that, then we're going to pull. We'll take the other part of our chain, we're going to hook it into our red hooks. Take the red hook, you want to make sure that the hook side is facing out. Now stretch it up, hook it on our chain like that.Once you've completed the installation on one side, you're going to repeat that on the other. Once you've got the other side installed, you want to drive forward a few feet and make any adjustments necessary. That'll do it for our look at and installation on the Konig standard snow tire chains for 2018 Hyundai Tucson.

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