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K-Source Custom Towing Mirrors Installation - 2014 Ford F-150

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How to Install the K Source Custom Towing Mirrors on a 2014 Ford F-150

Today on this 2014 Ford F150 Supercab we are going to show you part number KS81810. This is K-source custom towing mirrors and its part numbers are for driver and passenger sides. We will go ahead and take our truck and back up to a trailer here. We will see how with the factory mirror we only see part of a trailer, then with our towing mirror we can see the rest of our trailer quite easily. This is what the mirror looks like when it is installed on the passenger side. You can see right off the bat how this actually snaps on to the bottom edge of the mirror here, as well as on top, on this side as well.

This is the edge of our factory mirror here. Take a ruler to it, a little over five inches extension from the factory mirror. This is towing mirror right here. That's on a ball socket. You can move it in any direction that you'd like.

Now our mirror actually matches the contour of the factory mirror on the truck and it actually makes a nice matching of plastic as well so it looks like the factory mirror from the get go. Now to match the contour around the bottom which is nice which needs to for it to snap on in place. And also, it has this opening right here if you have a turn signal in your mirror. So here is the opening for the front of the mirror for our lens. If a truck is equipped with a courtesy light on the bottom.

There is also an opening for it as well on the bottom. You can see how the lines on the factory mirror here past the hinge and it copies that as well all the way around. So it makes for a nice secure fit. Not much to it. It's easy and simple to install as well.

Well go ahead and show that over on the driver's side. Now the first step in the installation of our towing mirror. Is actually, clean off the factory mirror. Make sure you get rid of any dirt and debris and maybe in the finish of the mirror. So when we put a towing mirror on top. It will actually rub it further into the finish. Match up this edge or a curve with this one. Okay. Then is helps to pull off the bottom and then bring it around the bottom. Plastic's really flexible but still strong enough to get a good grip on the factory mirror. There in just a few moments we have our towing mirror in place and ready to go. One of the details, your mirrors will fold in so will the extension mirrors. All right that will finish it for part number KS81810. K-source custom towing mirrors on our 2014 Ford F150 Supercab. .

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