K-Source Custom Towing Mirrors Installation - 2007 Dodge Ram Pickup

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Review of the K Source Custom Towing Mirrors on a 2007 Dodge Ram Pickup

Today on our 2007 Dodge Ram Pickup well be installing the K-Source Custom Towing Mirrors in the snap- on design, part number KS80700. The K-Source Custom Towing Mirrors come right out of the box ready to install on your truck. Youll notice that theres two strips of foam that inside each of the mirrors. These two strips of foam keep the snap-on towing mirror from scratching your factory mirror.Well begin over here on the passenger side. Youll simply take the passenger side mirror and slip the top two tabs over your factory mirror. Now its helpful if you stand behind the mirror and work the mirror down over your factory mirror.

As your gently pushing downward on the mirror the inner most tab or the tab closest to the door will slide over as well. Once the mirror slides down into position you may need to come around to the other side and gently pull downward on the towing mirror to snap the bottom two locations into place. Now that all 5 tabs are snapped over your factory mirror you can see here that the outer mirror has a full range of motion, but this is a manual mirror and you will need to move it by hand. That completes it for the passenger side.Now well move over to the drivers side. Again, well take the drivers side mirror; simply slide it over the top of the factory mirror, making sure that the top two hooks engage the lip of the factory mirror.

As we gently push down the inner most tab will slide over the mirror and once the mirror is worked all the way down, again, we may need to come round to the front side and gently pull downward to get the bottom two tabs to fully engage the mirror. Now, as you can see here all 5 tabs are fully engaged to the factory mirror. Again, the outer towing mirror is a manual mirror which will need to be adjusted by hand yet our factory mirror still has full range of motion.With the K-Source Custom Towing Mirrors installed you have a much wider field of vision behind you as youre going down the road. With that, that will conclude our installation of the K-Source Custom Towing Mirrors in the snap- on design Part # KS80700 on our 2007 Dodge Ram pickup. .

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