K-Source Snap and Zap Custom Towing Mirrors Installation - 2019 Ford F-150

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How to Install the K-Source Snap and Zap Custom Towing Mirrors on a 2019 Ford F-150

Jake: Hi guys, this is Jake here at etrailer. Today, we have a 2019 Ford F150, and we're going to be showing you a little bit more about the K-Source Snap and Zap extended mirrors. The thing I like most about these mirrors is that they're going to have an extremely nice factory look, so it's going to look nice and clean and work in tandem with the functions of your mirror.Right away, you're going to notice it's going to have a nice clean look to match the black plastic on your factory mirrors. It's also going to have this clear window, so that if you have side marker blinkers for your mirrors, you're going to be able to see those through here. We don't have them, but if you do, this is going to work great with yours.As you can see here, you can still see your trailer through your factory mirror. But if I step over here, which simulates being in the lane next to you on the highway or on a city road, whatever it might be, this is super important to be able to see this lane also when towing a trailer.On the front, you're going to have a nice big manual adjustable mirror that you can tilt forward and backwards and side to side to adjust for wherever you might need to see.

You're also going to get full functioning out of your factory mirrors, which is a really nice feature.Obviously, these mirrors are going to stick out further than your factory mirrors, so when you're parked in your driveway or on the street or in a parking lot, you're probably going to want to pull these in so that you and others can get past your vehicle. These are going to fold in with making no contact with your vehicle.Now that we've gone over some of those cool features, let's go ahead and show you how to get them installed. Here, you'll see we have a nice bracket on the inside that's going to have a foam pad on it. It's going to match the contours of your factory mirrors to be able to give it that nice tight hold. To get them in place, you want to angle it up like this and then slide it down.

You want to make sure all these teeth are getting above your mirror but below this plastic. Same with this over here. Once you have it up into place, you just put your hand around the other side and pull it in place. And there you hear it snap, and it's locked in.When you're ready to remove it, just put the palm of your hand on the bottom there. It helps a little bit to pull, to take some of that tension off, and it slides right off.

Once you have it out, it comes with this nice bag for easy storage and it has a separator between the two mirrors so they don't damage each other.With all that being said, that's going to do it for our look at the K-Source Snap and Zap towing mirrors on our 2019 Ford F150.

Questions and Comments about this Video

Mike P.

Why can’t I fit these over my 2019 F150 mirrors with the chrome package I watched video of installation and noticed the mirrors in the video were black Is there anyway to make them fit

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

The mirrors will definitely still fit if you have the chrome mirrors on your '19 F-150. The pickup we show in the video just has the black housing but that doesn't mean it won't work with your chrome mirrors. In fact, I'm attaching a link to one of our Expert answer pages which talks about this as well.

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