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K Source Universal Clip-On Towing Mirror Installation - 2017 GMC Canyon

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How to Install the K Source Universal Clip-On Towing Mirror on a 2017 GMC Canyon

Speaker 1: Today on our 2017 GMC Canyon we're going to be doing a test fit on the K-Source Universal Clip-On Towing Mirror. It's available in a quantity of one with part number KS 3891. You can also get it as a pair with part number KS 3891-2.It offers us a wide field view. It's going to allow us to safely and easily change lanes, pass, park, or even back up while towing a trailer. As you can see I'm visible in the towing mirror, but not the factory mirror. Now if I take a few steps in towards my trailer, as you can see there's no blind spot by the way we have it set up.Right here is the view you get with just your factory mirror.

It's not going to interfere with the operation of your mirror and we can even fold it in. The mirror itself is adjustable to most angles. We've got our left and right, up and down, and diagonal.If you remove the Phillips head screw from the back side of the mirror, we have the option to turn it to the vertical position for a different view. Here on the back side it uses two ratchet style straps to hold it in place. The nice thing about the ratchet style is you're going to get a nice tight secure fit.

They also feature rubber padding so they're not going to harm or scratch your finish.A few great things about this mirror is for one, it's for temporary use so we can take it off when we're done towing. Another great thing is since it is universal, if we have any other trucks or SUVs in the household, it may work for those as well.So I'm here on the driver's side of my Canyon. To begin our test fit, we need to make sure that each one of our tabs here is pulled out so we can easily fit it in place within our housing. Once they're all in position, we can set it in place. We'll need to be sure that the tabs go between the mirror and the housing just as you see it here.

Now I've got mine centered up. Let's run our straps on the back side.Now, when we run our straps we want to make sure that the rubber padding is going to contour the back of the mirror so we're going to put it on in this direction. Take the plastic portion of the strap, hook it on top, and then we'll take the rubber portion and connect it on bottom. Once we've got both sides clipped, you just ratchet it down. And you can just repeat the same process with the next strap.With all of our straps in place, we can adjust our mirror and hit the road.

And that's going to complete our test fit on the K-Source Universal Clip-On Towing Mirror on our 2017 GMC Canyon.

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