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K-Source Universal Dual Lens Towing Mirrors Installation - 2017 Nissan Titan

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How to Install the K-Source Universal Dual Lens Towing Mirrors on a 2017 Nissan Titan

What's up everybody. It's AJ with Today, we're gonna be checking out these K-Source Dual Lens Universal Towing Mirrors on this 2017 Nissan Titan. Now, let's talk about why you would get a towing mirror. So right now we're looking in the standard towing mirror on your Titan, you can see a decent amount around your vehicle and your rig. You got that extended mirror with the universal towing mirror added on where you can see a little bit more, that's gonna help you changing lanes and seeing the sides just a little bit.

And then if I step over to the furthest mirror out here, that's gonna be more up and down and that's gonna be great for backing up your trailer and be able to see just a little bit more than you could in your standard mirror. Let's look at how they attach. We have straps here that ratchet it nice and tight to the existing mirror. Now, it's also got rubberized pads here to protect the mirror, that way it doesn't scuff or scratch it at all when you do go to tighten it down. And I'll show you that it's on there pretty tight.

I can shake that mirror back and forth, there's not a lot of rattling here, which is good. You can see it's not gonna just slip off on you when you're going down the road. The straps down here are gonna be rubberized as well. So that's making contact here at the bottom of the mirror. Again, it's protected from these more plastic rigid straps from scratching up over there.

Looking at the front of the mirror, you're gonna have these clips that go in and slide between the mirror and the plastic casing. So that's just gonna be another thing that helps push against there to keep it tight against the mirror. Now, it's still in between the mirror and the outer casing. So you can still move the mirror wherever you need it to go. So it does not interfere with the mobility there.

Now, we've talked about how it works for you and what it's for. How hard is it gonna be to install It's not that bad. There's no tools needed. So let's get into it. Installation's pretty easy. You got the adjustable arms here. That's gonna help it fit many different types of mirrors. So we're just gonna set it up onto our mirror here. See where it needs to be. The big important part about the first is going to be sliding these clips into place. Make sure it goes in between the mirror and on the housing, on the top and the bottom. And that's gonna help hold it in place. And with our straps here, they might be unattached. So you can go like this, clip it in really easily. We'll come down here to the ratcheting mechanism on the straps and just pull on that. You just gotta pull up and that's gonna slowly tighten it up to the mirror. We're gonna do that evenly on both of these. Oh, that one came undone. That way it gets a nice tight grip on our mirror. And then just pull this part down. This clip or this cover's gonna cover the clip and keep it from popping up on you. It's really that easy. It is nice to have this section here just for a little bit more visibility, but it is kind of cutting into the flat mirror here. You can see it's gonna be five by five on both ways there. And with it kind of rounded the way it is, you're not getting a whole nother mirror added on. Sometimes when you have the added tone mirror that might not have this portion. This one will all oval would be the whole flat mirror. They're also gonna come into a pair. So you're gonna get one for the driver and one for the passenger side. They're gonna be really helpful for towing anything behind you, just that extra visibility, or even when you're on the highway and you're changing lanes. I like that they're really easy to put on there or take right back off. They're small enough to store underneath your seats or in the back of your truck. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out and hope this helped..

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