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Inno Shadow 16 Rooftop Cargo Box Review - 2022 Toyota RAV4

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Review of the Inno Shadow 16 Rooftop Cargo Box on a 2022 Toyota RAV4

Hi everyone. Aiden here with Today, we're gonna be taking a look at the Inno Shadow 16 rooftop box here on our 2022 Toyota RAV4. Now a rooftop box is gonna be a great way to haul some extra gear in your vehicle, whether it won't fit inside the vehicle or it's messy stuff that you don't wanna bring inside the vehicle. It's gonna give you that space to put your cargo up top giving your passengers more leg room. Let's check it out.

To open it up, all we gotta do is take our key, insert it into the lock, turn it to the left and press that button to release the latches inside. The lid pops up pretty easily, I'm gonna have to give this side a little bit more help but once it's up, it's up, it'll hold itself there and you get a good amount of cargo space in here. And as far as the overall box shape goes, this one is gonna be a little bit shorter and longer, making it really good for skis and snowboards, in my opinion. You get 13 cubic feet of space inside. So, you should be able to get a nice amount of stuff in here.

And for those skis and snowboards, just make sure that they're under 72 inches long from end to end. That's what we're working with front to back for our internal space. And I did mention it's a bit shorter. At the tallest point, it's gonna be 11 inches tall on the inside there. So just make sure when you're looking at what kind of luggage you want to carry, what kind of gear, it's gonna fit within that restriction.

The box is gonna use clamps around your crossbars to attach. It's just a metal U-bolt underneath, that goes up into this top clamp piece. This little portion that kind of hooks on there. And then a threaded portion here with a hand knob that we can tighten down. So it is tool-free.

Inno does offer a couple other options for mounting. If you want to get their Memory Mounts, those are a bit easier and quicker to use or you can get some to slot it into your T-track. It's really up to you what you want to decide. But I think this system is pretty okay. You've got options to run straps through it that come with the box, so once those mounts are in place we've got these loops to run our straps through, so we can wrap our cargo up and tie it up. They are gonna use these plastic buckles here to just clip together and tighten down. I would maybe prefer something like a cam buckle strap. I feel like those typically are a little easier to use, but that's just me. Either way it's gonna get the job done and keep your gear secure. You can see the box fits on our RAV4 really well. We've got it pretty much centered up with the vehicle and both sides are fairly easy to reach, which is good because it does open from both sides. We'll just use the same keys before and we can open it up from the driver's side now. So, if we're in a place where it's maybe easier to get to one side versus another, we can, we have that option or just when we're throwing it on our roof, it's easier to just come to the other side to get those clamps to attach it. We can do that. We've got all the access around our vehicle here. The back hatch is still totally accessible on our RAV4 here with the box on. So if you are using it for something like skis and snowboards, that's great. We can put all of our boards up top and all of our luggage in the back here. We do have plenty of cargo space, so that's great to see that we don't have to sacrifice that just to put a box on the roof. Another thing to consider is the added height to your vehicle. From the top of your crossbar to the tallest point of the box up here, it's gonna be right at 12 inches. So just be careful in any sort of low clearance situations like your garage or a parking garage. You don't want this box making contact and breaking. It is gonna be made of an ABS plastic, which for most rooftop boxes is pretty much the standard. It is also going to have a 110 pound weight capacity. So just make sure that you are staying within those limits and you aren't overloading the box. Another thing to consider is the glossy black finish here. It looks really nice, but something to consider with that glossy finish, is that it might smudge-up or just get dirtier over time compared to something with a textured finish. So it might look really nice right now but just keep in mind as it wears over time. And overall, I think the Shadow is a nice fit for the RAV4 here. With its shape, I think it's gonna be better suited for skis and snowboards because it is a little bit shorter. So if you're looking for a box that's gonna be maybe more geared towards cargo, I'd maybe recommend the Rhino-Rack MasterFit. That's gonna be similar in length, but a little bit taller. So if you want to get a suitcase or something in there, it's probably gonna be a bit easier. But overall, it's gonna be a good fit. And I think it's gonna work well and keep your gear nice and secure. Thanks for watching..

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