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Inno Aero Crossbars Review - 2014 Toyota Prius v

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Review of the Inno Aero Crossbars on a 2014 Toyota Prius v

Evangeline: Hi, it's Evangeline from and today we are looking at our Inno Roof Rack system consisting of Inno Aero Crossbars, Inno Through Feet and our Inno Fit Kit for our 2014 Toyota Prius. We have here the Aero crossbars and other than this nice aesthetically pleasing silver stripe here, these are well-designed crossbars. We make sure to have them with the wide part facing the front so that they really reduce the drag and the noise. They're also a bit shorter than maybe your other Aero crossbars, which I like because then they help with fitting other accessories on top of them. The Through Feet come with keys so we can be locked and this help secure your roof rack to your car just to prevent or deter theft. And these are also your little bit low profile feet here on your car.

And from the roof to the top of the bars it is four and a little over a half inches.Since our car has a naked roof, we do use the naked roof fit kit. So what this does is it just clamps onto your car and if you are worried about it protruding out too much, don't worry. If you install it correctly, since it's custom fit to contour against your car, you can even slam the door on it without worrying about it. It has a weight rating of 165 pounds. But when you are, especially when you're putting accessories on it or mounting things onto your roof rack, make sure to account the roof capacity of your car so that you're not overloading it.

So with all that, let's see exactly how we install this roof rack.When installing our roof rack system, well I already installed the rear bar, so we can install the front bars together. The first thing I like to do is get our silver piece here and put it on our crossbars. So we have this upside down. So you bring this in through the bottom and there's this little ledge on there that it clips onto. With this attached you can then pull it in towards the inside.

There's a little button you have to push first to get it all the way through. So that silver plate is at the very end. And from here you can attach the tower. To attach the tower, there are some clips here. And make sure that the screw is centered on top of your plate.

And with it on top of there you can then push it out. And that's in place now. From here you then attach the pad. So this . If you know it's centered . You know it's on right if it sits flush against your tower. Just like that, you just push it in.Then you can attach a hook. And to attach the hook you take out the screw. So just loosen the screw all the way until it comes out. Just like that. You put the hook in there and you screw it back on lightly. So just to make sure it's just tight enough to hold onto your tower. With the towers attached, you can then measure it to make sure it's the correct distance apart. For our front crossbars they have to be 20-1/2" from the center point. So the next thing is there's a center point here. So we just need to measure it from there. And you measure to the line on the towers, right at the middle. So 20-1/2. I just need to bring this forward a little bit right there. That looks pretty good. When you have it measured and out to the correct spot, you can then tighten down both towers. Tighten them down here in the middle.I recommend getting another set of hands just to grab the other end of the bar while you put it up there. Make sure that the tall part of the bar is facing the front. Make sure to follow the measurements in the instructions for your car. So here on our Prius we have it 2" from the door. And when you have it lined up, we can then tighten down the hook. Now this is a torque wrench, so make sure to tighten it down until you hear it click. What I recommend also is to equally tighten both sides. So tighten it down a little bit here, then go on the other side just to make sure that it's spaced even. And the final touch is just to put the caps onto your bars and your towers. So these are nice because they lock. So when you have them in there, you can then lock them in space with the keys.So my final thoughts about this roof rack is, I do like the Inno style. I do like how the bars, the arrow bars, are a bit more aerodynamic or feel a lot more profile than maybe your larger Thule WingBars or your other bars from other brands. So I think it's a good looking roof rack. It has a decent weight capacity. We have some overhang here as well with these size bars. This switch adds a nice look to our whole vehicle. And that was a look at our Inno Roof Rack system with our Inno Aero Crossbars, our Through Feet and our Fit Kit on our 2014 Toyota Prius V.

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