Husky Front Mud Flap Installation - 2012 Chevrolet Silverado

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How to Install Husky Front Mud Flaps on a 2012 Chevrolet Silverado

Today on our 2012 Chevy Silverado were going to install the Husky liners custom molded mud flaps part #: hl56791. This set is for the front axle. Towards installation well be removing the old fastener. For our first step weve gone away and raised the vehicle and removed the wheel. This will make it much easier to install our mud flap. Weve got two screws here that hold the wheel well to the sheet metal and one push pin fastener that will be removed.

Lets go ahead and start there with the push pin fastener. Well simply pry the center out and then we can remove the whole fastener. This fastener will be removed and will not be reinstalled. The same for the two screw fasteners here along the wheel well. We will have new fasteners for each one of these locations.

Next, we need to locate where along the painted finish the mud flap is going to be contact. We can kind of hold it in place, if you check the seam where the mud flap meets the painted edge and also your screw holes youll know that youre lined up where it should be. So Im going to make a small mark here on the inner fender well to mark the top of my mud flap. The reason were doing this is now were going to go ahead and clean the painted surface and install a protective film without scratch or harm the paint. Now Im taking some cleaner, well simply spray and wipe it down with a clean cloth.

Alright, once we have that clean and dried off we can go ahead and prep the surface using the spray application and then install our clear film protective. Starting underneath at the edge of the body and painted lip. Now that we have our clear protective installed, were going to go ahead and take a squeegee or sponge and push the moisture up from underneath adhering our clear protective cover. And the same process, this is why we make sure that the paint is clear because it will seal to the paint and it will push out any air bubbles that may have been trapped. Now that the clear film has had a chance to dry well go onto the next step, install the metal clip provided to us with our installation kit behind the inner fender wheel liner and over the metal in place of the previous push pin fastener.

Now with the attachment point here in place we can go ahead and begin to install the mud flap. Putting the mud flap back in place, well take one of the supplied 8 millimeter screws and line it up with our fastening point. Ill just get it started by hand these two fasteners. Once we get them started we can go ahead and run them down. Now we have those two fasteners in position, well go ahead and do our third fastener, the one that took the place of our push pin, get it starting and well go ahead and run it down also. Alright, our fourth and final fastener will be from underneath the mud flap. Theres a pre formed hole already through the mud flap. However, well need to take an 1/8 inch bit and predrill the hole through the sheet metal. With our hole made well go ahead and take our fourth and final screw and run it in place. Now, with all our fasteners in position weve completed the drivers side install of our Husky mud flap with both sides install well go ahead and reinstall the wheels, that will complete the install of our Husky custom molded mud flaps part #: hl56791 on our 2012 Chevy Silverado.

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