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Husky GearBox Review - 2009 Chevrolet Silverado

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Review of the Husky GearBox on a 2009 Chevrolet Silverado

Today on our 2009 Chevrolet Silverado we're going to take a look and show you how to install the Husky GearBox interior storage system. Part number is HL09001. Our gearbox is going to have a solid rigid core. Applied to the top of that is going to be a textured finish that's going to give us kind of an original equipment look and it's also got a little bit of a grip to it so it's going to help those items, keep them from sliding back and forth. Another great option here, you can see the removable divider, let's us kind of customize our compartments. If we need a couple smaller one's we'll throw our dividers in. If we need a longer one we can simply pull it out.

Another thing I really like about the box, watch as I close down the seat or if I lower the seat, it becomes a lid. As you can see this gives us a really easy way to keep everything contained, especially when you're dealing with aerosol cans and things like that. Those always want to roll around the floorboard of the truck and they're just always making noise. We can tuck those in here, get our hunting gear tucked away, our emergency kit stuff like our air compressor and stuff, all of it can be easily accessible right underneath or seat. You can see with our seats down everything is hidden out of site. It's not going to be rolling around on the floor, our passengers aren't going to be stepping on it, and it gives our truck a really nice clean look. To begin our installation on our gearbox we just want to rotate our seats up out of the way and we simply bring our box up into position.

We're going to have two straps to help us secure it. For our driver side strap we want to bypass the seat belt that will be right behind it and we're going to go around the metal seat bracket itself. Simply bring it back up, feed the strap through the underside of our lever, almost like a cam buckle strap here. Pull out our slack and then just push that closed. On the passenger side we route it back and there's going to be a hole right in our seat bracket right down here, run that back and through our hole and we can secure it in the same fashion. Pop that one closed and we can just tuck these back and that will keep our gearbox from sliding forward in any sudden stops or anything like that. That's going to complete today's installation of the Husky GearBox interior storage system.

Part number HL09001 on our 2009 Chevrolet Silverado.

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