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Husky Brute Electric Jack Installation

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How to Install the Husky Brute Electric Jack

Today on this old trailer, we'll be installing the Husky Brute Electric Trailer Jack, Part Number HT87641. First thing, we need to do is go ahead and remove the existing jack in the trailer. There were three bolts that we have to remove and we want to save the hardware. With the old jack removed, we can go ahead and install the new jack. Once we installed the new jack, we'll install the same hardwares before; however, we'll be using the extra star washers that come with the jack. The reason behind the star washers is that it help conduct ground from the jack to the frame.

Now with the jack installed, we can go ahead and hook up the power wire. We'll run the wire along the existing electrical cord enough to the positive side of the battery. We'll install a ring terminal and then attach it to the battery. Now, we can re-install the battery terminals to their post. Every electrical hooked up, we'll go ahead and attach it to put to the jack.

When we install our foot, you can see how there's multiple adjustment points on the jack towards itself, then we can go ahead and try it out. We'll try it out with the manual levers first then try the remote control. On our remote control, we have four buttons -- we get an up button, a down button, and one button that looks like a lock is the off button, and the button with the square is the ON button. We need to hit the ON button first before we can use the remote. You have to see the three lights on the top of the jack.

The intent is to help you when you hook up your weight distribution system. With that, that'll finish it for our install of Part Number HT87641 from Husky.

Rene L.


during this video you dont show how to install power on light that comes with the jack

Etrailer Expert

Rachael H.


I have confirmed with my contacts at Husky, and the lights are pre-wired. Once the 12V power supply is run for activating the jack, the lights will also be functional.