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Husky Brute Electric Jack Installation

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How to Install the Husky Brute Electric Jack

Today on this enclosed trailer well be installing the Husky Brute HB3000 electric tongue jack, part number HT87246. Now this jack offers 3,000 pounds of lift capacity, an excellent accessory for weight distribution hookup. The adjustable drop down leg with 5 inch foot pad increases extended length by up to 6 inches. Included with the jack is a connector storage bracket where you can protect your trailers cord in from weather. Before we install our jack well need to install a battery onto the trailer. Well take this battery box here, black in color, and well mount onto our trailer tongue.

Well use four self-tapping screws to secure the battery bow to the trailer. Now youll need to make sure that the strap for the battery box lid is underneath the battery box before you bolt it down because you can see that I didnt so I had to unbolt it and put the strap back in and then bolt it back down. Well now drop our battery into the battery box where well take two battery terminals, found at any local auto parts store, and connect them to the battery terminal ends. Well now take a piece of black 10 gauge wire, strip off the insulation and then attach a yellow ring terminal. Well then attach the ring terminal to the negative battery terminal.

Well now take the other end of the black wire and connect a second ring terminal to it. This will be our ground. With that ring terminal on well go ahead and sit it off to the side where well attach it later. Well now move on to the installation of the jack itself. This is the jack.

Well pull the lanyard off of the pin here where we can pull the pin to remove the foot of the jack. Well then slide the jack through the trailer. Well line up the jack with the holes preexisting in the frame of the trailer. Now included with the jack are three star washers. Well use these washers on the preexisting bolts for the jack to secure the jack to the trailer.

With the bolts holding jack tight well now undo the black wire here on the jack and extend it out. Well run it back toward our battery that we previously mounted. Now with our black wire here at the battery well need to attach our circuit breaker keeping it as close to the battery as possible. Well cut the red wire here in half and attach the one end to the black wire that runs to the jack using a yellow butt connector. With that done were going to go ahead and attach a short piece of our black wire to the other side. This will allow us to remove the lid from the battery box when replacing our battery. Were going to go ahead and attach our circuit breaker to the lid of our box. Were going to drill a hole in the lid of the box where well pass the circuit breaker through and using the weather proof capo on the other side well tighten it down securing the circuit breaker to the lid. We can now take our battery side of the circuit breaker, attach a ring terminal and attach that to our positive battery terminal. Now with all our connections made were ready to put the lid of our battery box on and secure it with the nylon strap. Youll notice on the lid the circuit breaker button giving us easy access if the jack does happen to trip the breaker. Well now move back over here to our ground wire where well use a self-tapping screw to attach the ring terminal to the frame of the trailer. Well now install the foot of the jack. Youll notice the jack has two switches. This switch here controls the jack height and this switch here will turn on your lights. Now if for any reason that the battery on your trailer does go dead included with the jack is a jack handle and a lever. If you need to jack the trailer up without any electrical power youll take the lever, youll remove the black grommet here on the motor where we use the lever to disengage the motor. We can then take the handle, remove the grommet here on the top of the jack, insert the handle, and crank up or crank down our trailer jack. When completed well simply remove the handle and the lever and reinstall our rubber grommets. Thats it for our Husky Brute HB3000 electric tongue jack, part number HT87246.