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Tail Light Wiring Kit Installation - 2013 Ford Focus

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How to Install a Tail Light Wiring Kit on a 2013 Ford Focus

Today on our 2013 Ford Focus we'll be installing the Hopkins custom taillight wiring kit for towed vehicle, part number HM56008. Now once we have our install complete we can go ahead and test our new baseplate kit. Here we can test the driver side turn signal, the driver side brake, the passenger side turn signal, and the passenger side brake. Once we know those are functioning we can also go ahead and test the taillight circuit and show that our running light circuit works. Now to begin our install we're going to start at the rear of the vehicle, opening up the rear hatch, as we need to access the manufacturer's wiring behind the taillight assembly. My first step is going to be removing the spare tire and rear cargo cover. Next I'm going to remove the rear threshold.

The rear threshold is held on with four push pin fasteners that we'll need to remove first. Once we've popped the fasteners out we can then remove the threshold by starting on one corner. You can get underneath it with a flat blade screwdriver or a trim panel tool, and popping the fasteners free underneath. Turn it over here and you can see the four fasteners that we're securing it. We'll take the threshold and set it aside.

Now I'm going to go ahead and remove the foam cargo trays. We need to remove the side panel so we can access the manufacturer's fasteners that hold our taillight assembly in place so that we can remove the taillight assembly to gain access to the connection point where the manufacturer's wiring will plug into the taillight socket. Here at the bottom of the taillight assembly is a plastic nut. Now this one sits a little higher but we can take a large flat blade screwdriver, go ahead and get it started, and then remove it. Now once we have the two fasteners out we're going to go ahead and take the taillight assembly and pull it out away from the vehicle to release any fasteners underneath. now as you pull the taillight assembly away from the body of the vehicle, make sure not to break the alignment pin underneath.

Now as we can see, the manufacturer's connector goes right into the back of the taillight assembly, pressing on the locking tab and removing the connector from the socket. Now I'm just going to go ahead and set the taillight assembly aside. Now on the passenger side we're going to repeat the similar process only we're not going to remove the side panel. We're just going to go ahead and remove the side access panel and use our screwdriver to access the fastener. Now with our two fasteners on the inside removed we'll go ahead and pop the taillight assembly out, and again remove the manufacturer's wiring from the back of the taillight assembly. Now in order to get our wiring here behind the taillight assembly and make a connection from the t-connector on the new wiring harness that will plug inline with the manufacturer's wiring we're going to feed it from inside behind the paneling and out through the grommet.

We'll go ahead and remove the grommet and using a utility knife, side cutters, or even a pair of tin snips, we can cut a slice in the grommet that will allow us to feed the wire through it and then reinstall the grommet. Now with the grommet out and our slice in it I'm going to go ahead and feed the wiring from inside out. Once we have it out, we'll go ahead and route the new harness through the grommet and then we can reinstall the grommet. We'll take the manufacturer's wiring, plug into our new t-connector, and the other side of our wire we'll plug into the taillight assembly. Next I'm going to go ahead and take a zip tie and secure the new wiring to the manufacturer's wiring. Once we have the zip ties securing the wiring I'll cut off the excess from the zip tie and reinstall the taillight assembly. Once we have our taillight assembly back in place we can go ahead and reinstall the fasteners. Next we'll take our converter box and driver side t-connector and route it over to the driver side. We'll route it to the driver side. Our t-connector is going to go up and follow the same process we did for the passenger side. We'll remove the grommet, then feed our t-connector through the hole, cut our slice in the grommet, and install the t-connector on the driver side. Feed our wiring into place after we cut the grommet, get our grommet back in position, and install the wiring. Now we can reinstall the driver side taillight assembly. Next we need to route our 4-pole connector and we're going to go underneath the vehicle. Ultimately we need to route it to the front of the vehicle and attach it to the baseplate. Here we can remove the manufacturer's grommet, cut a slice in it, and then run our 4-pole down underneath the vehicle. My slice cut in the grommet, go ahead and feed our 4-pole harness down underneath the vehicle, slice my harness into the grommet, and then reinstall the manufacturer's grommet. Next we'll go ahead and fold the rest of the 4-pole harness down underneath the vehicle. You can see our wiring harness as it comes out through the manufacturer's grommet. Pull it down and we can gain access to it. Keep in mind, we're going to stay as far away from the exhaust or any moving components like the steering or suspension. Now that we've got our wire routed outside the vehicle we're going to come back inside and clean up our install look. The wiring harness that's going to route underneath the threshold here at the back of the vehicle has no real good place to secure it to, but since it's going to be behind the threshold we just need to hold it in place until the threshold is in position. Using some tape, which you could use some duct tape, masking tape, or just going to use some packing tape, we'll work to hold the wiring. Make sure I don't cover up my attachment points for the rear threshold as I hold the wiring in place. Also, our 4-pole wiring harness, as it comes out of the converter box, is going to run underneath the rear storage compartment. I'm also going to put some tape on that just to help hold it people until the storage compartment is back in position. I also like to add a zip tie here as it routes to the grommet to help keep our wire from coming free. Cut off the excess to get it out of the way. Secure actually additional wiring. Then we're ready to reinstall the interior trim components. Now once we have the inner panel back in place we can go ahead and tighten it down. With my inner panel back in place and my access panels we can now go ahead and reinstall the rear threshold. Now with everything back in place on our interior we just need to move back underneath, route and secure our 4-pole harness as we run it up to the baseplate and secure it. Now note the white wire with the pre-attached ring terminal that comes from the 4-flat connector is our ground. We're going to attach it here to the subframe of the vehicle and use a self-tapping screw to create our ground. Now once you've got your 4-flat run through the front fascia and secured with a zip tie or mount, I recommend to go ahead and add the dielectric grease provided with install kit. This will help prevent corrosion from moisture getting in and onto the terminals. I'll just put a nice thin coat over the terminals and inside the ground terminal. Then we can install the 4-flat cap provided. Slide the cap on, slide it into place, and then install it over the terminals. This will help prevent dust, dirt and debris from building up on the terminals when they're not in use. Tere you have it for the install and operation of our Hopkins custom taillight wiring kit for towed vehicles, part number HM56008, on our 2013 Ford Focus. .

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