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Hopkins Trailblazer Electronic Deer Alert Installation - 2005 GMC Sierra

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How to Install the Hopkins TrailBlazer Electronic Deer Alert on a 2005 GMC Sierra

All right. Today on this 2005 GMC Sierra Crew Cab, we're going to install part number HM27512VA. This is a Hopkins Trailblazer Electronic Deer Alert. We can go ahead and try it out. First thing we're going to do is run our wires from our switch to the outside. This is turn to alert off and on, and what I'm going to do is take two ends or two wires, one's shorter than the other, I want to tape them together and then pull both wires through the firewall. We'll go ahead and run this through an existing grommet in the firewall. All right, we're going to use the small grommet right here.

This actually already has the wire going through it, so it makes things a little bit easier. It's pretty flexibility so you can scoot it out of the way or maybe even make a nick, and then go ahead and make a cut in it with a knife to help run the wire through. It's kind of hard to reach from inside to the outside to pull the wire through, so we're actually going to use the black wire from this alert itself, we're going to push it through here from the outside to the inside and use it to pull the wires back out. Okay. All right. We'll take two simple wires, I'm just going to give them a twist to help pull them together, this folds over, and we'll connect it to with some tape. All right, let's go ahead and pull the wire back out.

Okay. Got one wire pulled through and we'll go ahead and bring the, pull, take up the snack, and remember we got the other wire to pull through where we already have it taped, we'll go ahead and work it through as well. We'll take a moment to mount our switch using the provided bracket, there's a nut on the switch that we have to remove and a couple of washers. Actually, one washer we'll leave in place. There's also a nut on the back side. All right.

We'll put it back together, we'll find a switch to the bracket, pull it back together. We're going to leave this loose because we may have to switch this around, but we'll just piece it together for now. inaudible 00:03:10 now at this point it's a good idea to find a location where you want it. In this case, there's some sheet metal right underneath here, you can attach it to using the existing holes in the bracket here, you can use some self-tapping screws will work just fine. They don't come with the kit, or what does with the kit, you can use adhesive and mount it to either the sheet metal or in this case I think we'll go right down to the bottom edge of the plastic. All right. Again, we're going to leave this loose for now.

Let's go ahead and go underneath the hood and start making some electrical connections. Okay, now our short wire is going to go directly to ground, so we're going to use small ring terminal that doesn't come with the kit, part number DW05721-1. Shorten up the wires. We'll crimp it into place and we're just going to attach to the sheet metal back here. We're using self-tapping screw, it doesn't come with the kit. This is a simple number 8 self-tapping screw, it uses a 1/4-inch bit. I'll go ahead and drill my hole first, and then I'll put my ring terminal on. Okay. Let's go ahead and find a location for our trailblazer here. This definitely gets installed behind the grill, somewhere in this location right here. To make things easier, we're going to go ahead and remove the grill. This top cover, we have to remove first. There's some of the plastic rivets that we have to remove, and then we go ahead and pop the grill loose. We also have one bolt underneath to remove as well. Okay, to pull out the center of our rivets, just take a flat screwdriver and pick up the edge, and then you can go ahead and pop them loose. Also, trim panel tool works pretty good, too. Okay, to loosen up our grill, we have to remove this one bolt. Use a 10-millimeter socket to do that with. Okay, the grill goes around to the edge here and there's a snap right here. If we use a plastic pry bar, we can pop it loose on both sides. There's a couple snaps on the top that you can use a trim panel tool to pop loose, and there's two at the bottom as well. We can go ahead and take the grill out of our way. All right. I'm going to go ahead and route my Trailblazer through here for now, and I think we'll go ahead and install it on this bar right here. I'm going to drill out two mounting holes onto that brace right there. We'll go ahead and use our trailblazer to mark our holes, and we're using the 3/32 drill bit, that will match the screws that come with the Trailblazer. All right, now, I've actually replaced the small screws that come with the kit with something just a little bit bigger and stronger, and we'll go ahead and attach it to our bar here. This is just a personal option, you don't have to do it, but this will be a little bit to grab on the metal and our Trailblazer. That's secure. Now we'll go ahead and take a moment to go ahead and secure our wires and I think we'll actually add some wire loom to help keep these together. All right. We'll run our wire loom up to the fuse holder here and then our red wire will go to 12-volt power supply. In this case, it's going to be underneath our fuse box here. We'll go ahead and take the lid loose for starters, and then to get underneath here to the post, we need to remove this cover. To remove this cover, we're going to remove this bracket. We'll use 13-millimeter socket to remove these bolts. There's a couple of these clips that will loosen up to pop the top off. Let's go ahead and attach this post right here for power. All right, now our post here isn't hot. That's because that this post is powered by this fuse right here. This is just a cover for a fuse, so we can check the owner's manual and see what fuse to use in this location. We'll go ahead and put a new fuse in place and we'll go ahead and check it again. Cool. All right. I'm going to get another ring terminal, it doesn't come with the kit, and we'll go ahead and attach it here. We'll go ahead and twist the wires, cut off the excess, crimp down on our ring terminal. Then we'll go ahead and undo this nut and put it underneath of it. Now, I'll use a 10-millimeter socket. Go ahead and route our wire down and go ahead and put our cover back into place. Okay. Let's go ahead and put our bracket back into place. Put our cover back into place. Then we'll just simply bundle up our excess wire. Think we'll tuck it around the fuse panel at the bottom and then back up in here, we'll go ahead and zip tie our excess out of the way. Double check to make sure your wires stay away from the hinge, we'll go ahead and zip tie them into place. Cut off the tails of our zip ties. We can go ahead and try it out. All right. Let's go ahead and add a couple more zip ties to hold the wire up and out of the way. Then we can go ahead and put our grill back on. Grill's in place, let's go ahead and put the cover back on. Double check our switch, we just had it on there temporarily. Okay. That's the way we want it. Let's go ahead and put our hard wire back into place. Flat washer, has a little tang that goes into the . Or has a little part that goes into the groove here. Put that back on. Star washer. Then our last nut. We can use a number 8 deep well socket to tighten it down, and we're good to go. All right. Now that will finish it for the Hopkins Trailblazer Electronic Deer Alert part number HM27512VA on our 2005 GMC Sierra Crew Cab. .

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