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Hopkins Smart Hitch Backup Camera Installation - 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser

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How to Install the Hopkins Smart Hitch Backup Camera on a 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser

All right today on this 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser were going to install part number hm50002. This is Hopkins Smart Hitch backup camera. First off we want to get our back up camera wiring ready for installation. All we got to do is simply disconnect the quick connect connector up front and just get down to the bare wires. This case well be down to a red and a black wire. On our PT Cruiser weve got to find our reverse light.

In this case its going to be in the bumper so all we need to do is go ahead and remove the backup light in the bumper. There are two screws well have to remove then well have access to wiring. Well go ahead and remove some of the loom thats around the wiring to have access to cut into the wires. Well leave that alone for now. What were going to do is go ahead and take our wire harness, run it through the opening behind the tail light and out below the bumper. Were also going to do the same thing with the backup camera.

Theres an opening in the bumper thats around the area for the licence plate light. Were going to push it up through the opening able the licence plate light and then were going to go ahead and pull it down below. Well go ahead and put the two ends together and then well go ahead and secure it with some electric tape. All right next well go ahead and turn our attention back to the red and black wires. Were going to use some quick slice connectors and were going to connect our red wire to the purple wire with the black stripe. That will be our actual power wire then the vehicles in reverse.

The other wire thats all black is our ground and well connect that to remaining black wire from the backup camera. Now before we tape everything up well go ahead and test our connections and make sure everythings good. If were careful we can go ahead and take our clamp from our tester and put it on the ground wire and make sure it touches the metal band. This metal band actually completes the circuit between both wires. Well go ahead and put the car in reverse and then check the other wire so if we have signal we know our connections are good. Then well go ahead and secure it with some electric tape.

Then well go ahead and secure the wires as needed with some zip ties and then reinstall the backup camera. All right one last thing we need to do before we reinstall the tail light is go ahead and take the long black wire which will get ran up through the front of the car. Well go ahead and push that through and out below the bottom of the bumper cover. Now from here on out well go ahead and take this black wire and run it up to the front of the car. Were going to run it directly through the suspension along the frame rail. Now to help keep the wire in place were going to use some loom clamps along the way. Part number were using for loom clamp will be 80250. The screws well be using are part number fa1131822. Well go ahead and take a wire and run it up to a grommet thats on the passenger side door or the back seat. Well go ahead and pop our grommet out and then using a knife well go ahead and make a slit in it and now well go ahead and take the rest of our wire and push into the hole into the carpet on the floor. Well just push enough up to get in there to help hold it in place. Now were on the inside of the car by the back seat. Well go ahead and pull off the thresh hold by the door then well go ahead and pull up the carpet and reach underneath till we can find our wire. Continue pulling up all our slack and then well go back underneath and reinstall our grommet. Well also use some silicone to help seal up the holes. Well be using a Loctite RVT silicone part number lt37467. From this point on well go ahead and take our wire and simply tuck underneath the plastic going up towards the front of the vehicle. We can also reinstall our threshold that we removed earlier. Theres a small fastener going towards the center of the vehicle that we have to remove for the carpet then well just carefully peel back the carpet so we get down to the floor board. Then well simply take our cable and run it across and then back up to the center console. Then we just go ahead and simply put the carpet back into place. Well tuck it in and then reinstall the fastener. Were going to mount our camera above the center console. Now were going to run our wires from the top console down to the bottom so to do this were going to have to remove the front plate. To start off well go ahead and remove the switches for the power windows. Well get it started on the top edge and pop it loose then we go ahead and remove it. Once we pull it apart we still have the wire harness connected to it. Well go ahead and push in on a red lock and then push back on the tab behind it then we can go ahead and pull it free from the wire harness. Right behind our power window switches was a screw we have to remove that screw. Next we need to remove the knobs for the air conditioning and heating controls. They simply just pull off. Then working from the bottom and working our way to the top we can go ahead and loosen up the cover plate then we can go ahead and pull the whole assembly out. Now with our assembly removed we can go ahead and pull the wires up. To help do this were using a piece of airline tubing, were just going to run it down and out the bottom of the console on the passenger side. Well go ahead and tape our long black wire to our air line and just simply pull it up. At this point we can go ahead and take our wire harness and plug the two ends together for the monitor through the black wire I just pulled up. Now our wires are still going to come to the outside of the dash so what were going to do is temporarily reposition our console plate and put our wire about where we want to have it. Well go ahead and mark it then remove the cover plate one more time. Then well drill a small hole on the edge and then clean out the corners. This is where our wire will pass through. inaudible 00:05:47 well go ahead and reinstall the cover plate but well make sure our wire fits properly and has a little bit of wiggle room in case we need to make adjustments. Then well just go ahead and reinstall our cover plate in the reverse order that we uninstalled it. Well clean off the area with some running acholic and then well take away the baking and then well go ahead and center it up and then push it into place. Lets go ahead and take it out to a parking lot and try it out there. Put the vehicle in reverse and see how it works. Right off the bat you can see it sees our car in the background and its already alerting us theres something behind the car. All right, looks like everythings working good and that will finish it for our install part number hm50002; the Hopkins Smart Hitch backup camera on our 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser. .



This is a very helpful video. I may try pulling the rear quarter panel trim and see if I can snake camera wire through there and not drill holes under car. But if that's not viable I'm definitely going to use this method. This is the first good video I've seen for an early PT Cruiser. I have a first production year 2001 and I baby it.

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