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Hopkins Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2022 Subaru Outback Wagon

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How to Install the Hopkins Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2022 Subaru Outback Wagon

Hello neighbors, it's Brad here at etrailer. And today we're taking a look and installing the Hopkins 4-Pole Trailer Wiring Harness on 2022 Subaru Outback. Now many accessories today, like your cargo carriers or bike racks will have lights built into them, and that way if they're blocking the view of the lights of your vehicle people can still see what you're doing, and that's gonna be accomplished by a 4-pole wiring harness. Now this is also gonna work with your small trailers that have 4-pole. That way when you turn on your headlights, you'll have the lights on the trailer working as well as your turn signals and brake signals. Now the great part about this one is you're not having to run a power wire up to the battery, and it lives inside the vehicle when you're not using it.

So, it's pretty simple to just drape here on the weather stripping, which is gonna be safe for the wire. And then whenever you're done towing, you can just store it in here, and it's gonna stay nice and clean for the next time you use it. Now as far as the installation goes, this is gonna be super easy. We're just gonna pop off a few panels, and that way we gain access to our plug, we'll zip tie it up, and that's pretty much it. So it's a nice quick, easy way to get that 4-pole wiring installed.

So, let's take a look at that now. Our installation is just really gonna be finding the plug that this attaches into. And if you follow this, it'll head over to a fuse holder, and that's just gonna prevent any damage from occurring from a back feed. That way it's not gonna damage your factory wiring. It then goes into a module and then we have our 4-pole.

Now this is gonna be a pretty easy installation, and if you're using the instruction manual, It'll actually tell you it's on the driver's side, and we found out that's not the case, and I think it's because of the year change. Could be just the 2022, but this one's gonna be super easy. So open up your hatch, get this out of the way. We're then going to lift our cargo cover here, and you can take your hook and just kind of hook this up here to keep that out of the way. And then what you're gonna want to do is you can grab right here.

You have some handles to pull this center threshold out because our plug is gonna be living right here. So just be careful. These clips can break pretty easily. So just take your time. Just gonna give it upward pressure, nice and slow, and just kind of work your way down. And we have those popped out. Now if they stay in there, not to worry. We're gonna go ahead, we'll get that, pry it out, and then slide it back in place, and that way we can snap that in. So with the trim panel tool or a flathead, just kind of pry at this, and then that way we can slide this back in, making it a lot easier when we reinstall it. Now you'll see we have our pink tape here and a wrapped up wire. This is where we're plugging in our 4-pole wiring harness. So we'll go ahead and just get this snapped in. And really, that's kind of it, but we need to find a nice place to hide this. So you do have a few different options. You can actually put it where the threshold sits and that's gonna hide. Or what we can do here is pop this panel out. You can just lift, there's two little clips there. And we can actually pull this section out. So we're gonna need to pull our foam out as well. And that way we have it tucked away nice and clean. So I'll go ahead and get this taken out real quick. So with that out of the way, this really has a decent amount of space. Even when you put this back in, these four clips are what hold it in. But these are just kind of structural braces, and there's slots here that I can use my zip ties that are included in the kit to kind of get this mounted up. It's gonna be tucked behind here, nice and hidden, and we'll be able to drape our 4-pole kind of over here for storage. And then whenever we need it, it can live outside the vehicle. So I'm gonna go ahead, I'll get this zip tied up and then show you how it looks and how I did it. Kind of just went back and forth, getting all of our wires nice and tight. And same thing with our module. You have loops on it, so using that to kind of secure it, that way it's not gonna rattle. And you're gonna want your 4-pole to be able to drape over here when you hook up to your trailer. But having it mounted this way means we can kind of store it in a pocket over here once we get everything back. So before you snap this back in, just double check to make sure that you have clearance and that you're happy with it. You can see kind of with this panel just set in here that you can't see the wiring unless you're really, really looking for it. So that's the great part about it. It's super easy to hide. And you can see we have our 4-pole, so we'll go ahead and get all of our panels put back in in the reverse order that we took them out. So with everything back in place, I'm gonna go ahead, and I'm hooking up a 4-pole tester, and we're gonna run through the light sequence to make sure that's all working properly. Now these are really nice. We have these available here at etrailer, and it's really nice because it keeps it specific to the vehicle. And the other option is hooking up to your trailer and checking the lights as you run through 'em. But also if your trailer has any back feed or incorrect wiring, that can cause a false negative. So, either way, just make sure that you're testing to make sure that the wire works before actually hitting the road. So I'll run through our light sequence, and we'll take a look. So I'll start with my running lights. Next I'll do my left turn signal, then my right turn signal, and then finally the brakes. So now that we know it works properly, I can just simply lift this up and tuck away our wire somewhere in here. And that way it's safe and clean. And when we need to tow the next time, we'll just pull that out, drape it over right here on our weather stripping, and then we're ready to hook up to the trailer. And that was a look and installation of the Hopkins 4-pole trailer wiring on a 2022 Subaru Outback..

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