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Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2015 Chevrolet Suburban

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How to Install the Trailer Brake Controller on a 2015 Chevrolet Suburban

Speaker 1: Today on our 2015 Chevrolet Suburban, we're gonna be taking a look at, and showing you how to install, the Hopkins InSIGHT Flex-Mount Trailer Brake Controller, part number: HM47297. In conjunction with that, we're also gonna be using the Hopkins Plug-In Simple Wiring Adapter for Trailer Brake Controllers, part number: HM53075. Now this is what it looks like when our brake controller is installed. What's unique about this is our display screen is gonna be separate from our controller, so it kind of gives you the option to customize where you want to place everything. Now, this is gonna be a proportional brake controller. What that means is, when you press on the brake in your vehicle, the brakes in the trailer are gonna be applied at the same time.

What's different from a proportional brake controller than a time-delayed is, when you press on the brakes on a time-delay, you press on the brakes in your towing vehicle, the towed vehicle's gonna take a couple seconds for the brakes to be fully applied.So we're gonna have a gain, a boost, and an override. Your gain is gonna be for the amount of braking force. Your boost is gonna be for the load that you are pulling; the higher the weight, the higher the boost level you want to be. Essentially, what you want is, if the trailer that you are pulling is heavier, you don't want your vehicle slowing your trailer down. So, with a lighter load, you see we're at one, the heavier load, you're gonna want to go up in boost.

So this is gonna be our gain. We recommend setting it at about six. And what you want is, you want this set so that your trailer brakes don't lock up when you apply the brakes in your towing vehicle. We recommend starting at six and you can fine tune going up or down to adjust to your needs for whatever trailer you're pulling. This button here is gonna be your manual override.

In some situations when you want to apply just the trailer brakes, you'll want to push that. If you see this red dot right here, that's showing that you have a connection to your trailer. If it comes disconnected, that red light is gonna go off.To begin our installation, we're gonna come up underneath the dash, and you want to find this black box here. We're gonna pull off the cover. You're just gonna push in on this tab here, and on the side here we want to pull out.

I have another one right up here at the top. Pull up like that. Set that aside. What we're looking for is this spot right here. This is where our adapter's gonna plug in. You can see both ends of our adapter are different, so we're just gonna match the one with the plug here. Plug that into place. Once we got that in, I'm gonna go ahead and replace the cover. Snap it back into place there. Next thing I'm gonna do is, I'm gonna plug in my controller, then my screen. Now, your plugs are gonna be different sizes, so you just have to find the one that matches your plug and insert it in the hole.Once we have that, we're gonna take some rubbing alcohol, wipe down our box and the place we're gonna put it. We'll take our double sided sticky tape, press that double sided sticky tape firmly into place; we know we got a good stick on it. Remove the other side. Make sure I'm not gonna get in the way of my emergency brake pedal, so I'm gonna go down a little bit low here. Now, the way we're gonna stick . you want to put this in place, is you want to put it parallel to the ground. And I'm facing all my wires towards the back so I can come up behind the dash here. So next what we're gonna do is, we're gonna place our monitor up here on the top of the dash. To do that and hide our cord, we're gonna have to remove this panel right here. So, we're gonna pull out from the bottom and work our way up until it pops off. We'll just set it aside for now. And you can see here, we can run our cord back behind our dash panel. We may have to kind of pull this here rubber seal out here just a little bit. Make sure we get that tucked back there so it doesn't get pinched by our panel when we put it back in place.We'll go ahead and put our panel back into place now. Then we're gonna take some rubbing alcohol, clean the area, clean the bottom. We'll take our double-sided sticky tape and we'll stick it to the bottom here. Then we're gonna press our monitor into place. Now we're gonna take our wire adapter, we're gonna plug it into our box. It's only gonna go in one way when you see. We'll plug that together. So, I'm gonna mount my control module here. What I want to make sure when I mount it is that I have access to my buttons on both sides. So what I'm doing, if you can see here . I've already got it started. I'm gonna run my cord right down underneath this panel back here, that way I can tuck everything up underneath and zip tie it. I'm just gonna use a plastic trim panel tool to get the remaining bit behind. Just take it and push it back in there. If you look on the back here, you're gonna have three different places that you can put your cord. I'm gonna go out to the side, hide as much cord as possible. We'll go ahead and put it in place right there.Now that we have it all hooked up, we can see with the light here that we have a good connection. We can see on our screen up top we have a good connection. We can take all of our extra wiring; we'll bundle it up and we'll zip tie it up underneath the dash so it can't be seen.And that'll do it for the Hopkins InSIGHT Flex-Mount Trailer Brake Controller, part number: HM47297, on our 2015 Chevrolet Suburban.

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