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Hopkins Endurance 7-Way RV Trailer Connector Review - 2002 Chevrolet Silverado

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Review of the Hopkins Endurance 7-Way RV Trailer Connector on a 2002 Chevrolet Silverado

Speaker 1: Today on our 2002 Chevrolet Silverado, we're going to review and install the Hopkins Endurance Twist mount, 7-Way RV trailer connector, part number HM40930. This is what the connector looks like once it's installed on the truck. Now this is a great replacement for your original connector like this one right here, which has getting sun damaged, and the plastic can get brittle over time. Or a lot of times I see these guys just smashed. One thing you really don't see, it's hard to tell, but inside these pins here, you'll end up getting with corrosion inside there. At that point, there's nothing that you can do but replace it.

That's where Hopkins' part comes into play.Same as the original connector. It's a 7-pin connector for flat pins. Of course, you got your round pin in the middle for your reverse lights circuit. Same inaudible 00:00:46 so it works with all 7-pole connectors that are out there. It has a lid that snaps tight.

It also has a little seal around the edge to help protect it from the elements.To install it, we have to remove the original factory connector. Pretty simple, so let's look behind it, and disconnect the electrical. This part of the component right here comes off. You typically push down on this tab right here, and pull the whole assembly back. Sometimes there's a gray locking pin in here too, and you have to scoot that back or remove it.

Then push down on this tab, and pull back on it. It may have to push forward first, and then back. To remove it, take a small screwdriver, push it in this tab right here, and twist the connector, turning it counter-clockwise to about 90 degrees. Once you have it sitting like this, it should come right out.To install a new Hopkins, you basically repeat the same process. Line it up.

Have it sitting, the top and bottom horizontal. Push it in place. Then rotate it back up clockwise, until you see the tab come through the hole. A vial of Dielectric grease comes with it. It's always a good idea to put it on the electric contacts behind the socket. Let's put this back into place. Line it up until it stops, then push in firmly until it clicks. You may hear a click or you may not. Sometimes they're kind of silent, but you have to squeeze it pretty hard. Then pull back on it, and make sure it doesn't come loose.Now is the time to go ahead and try it out, and test it. You at home would probably use a test light, or just use your trailer to make sure everything works. I don't have a trailer handy, so I'm going to use one of my testers from my shop. First off we have a running light circuit, our left turn signal, our right turn signal. Let's check out brake signal, which we should have a constant output on your left and right turn.Okay, now we'll try out brake controller. Make sure to output there. We'll also look for a reverse light circuit. Finally, we'll double check for our 12 volt power that goes out to our trailer for various accessories. We got battery power there. With that, that will finish it for the Hopkins Endurance Twist mount, 7-Way RV trailer connector, part number HM40930 on this 2002 Chevrolet Silverado.

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