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Hopkins Endurance 5th Wheel/Gooseneck 90-Degree Wiring Harness Installation - 2022 GMC Sierra 2500

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How to Install the Hopkins Endurance 5th Wheel/Gooseneck 90-Degree Wiring Harness on a 2022 GMC Sie

Hello neighbors. It's Brad here at etrailer and today we are taking a look and installing the Hopkins fifth wheel or gooseneck wiring adapter for your seven and four pole with a 90 degree plug on a 2022 GMC Sierra 2500 HD. Now when towing a fifth wheel or gooseneck many times it can be cumbersome running your wires to your actual trailer as they kind of live up this way. So instead of draping your wires over your bed while hooked up you can actually fix that with this little guy. The way this works is it actually ties into your factory seven and four pole. And it actually is meant for the OEM punch out plate here.

So there's no drilling involved, which is awesome. It just simply pops into place. You connect some adapters and you're ready to rock. And so that way, when you're ready to hook up to your trailer, you can hook it up into your bed. It's gonna keep all your wires nice and clean inside the vehicle in the truck bed itself.

And it's just gonna be a lot nicer and not stretch those wires. Now, the fact that this is actually designed for this specific vehicle, it makes it simply plug and play in place. No cutting, no drilling. Everything plugs in with the same style plug. So you can get this knocked out really quickly.

It's an easy, awesome upgrade that's gonna save you time and having to run those wires over your bed. So let's take a look at that install so you can get yours installed. To begin our installation, we're gonna remove our dummy panel here and it's kind of a nice addition from the factory. A lot of times you have to drill to get these plugs into place. It's not the case here.

So you may have to reach up into your bed a little bit. There's gonna be some metal clips on the backside. You can actually probably use a a flat head screwdriver and kind of pry it open. So whatever works best for you. So now we're gonna grab our wire harness here and we can simply just feed down our two-sided plug here. So we have both of these here. Just kind of drop those in. Kind of a tight fit on this guy, but with this elongated hole, we should be able to get that through. Go ahead. And you can just feed this down. Now, pretty easy here. We're just simply going to take our plug and connect it to our outlet here. Now, before doing that, what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna put a little bit of dielectric grease in here and that's just gonna give it a little better contact point and protect it long term. And if you need some dielectric grease, we actually have some of this at etrailer. This is a nice step. That way you don't have to go back later. It's just gonna protect your plug for a little bit longer. So doing the step is nice and easy while putting it all together now. So pretty easy here as well. You're gonna see this clip. There's only one way that it can really go in. Push that, hear that audible click. And then we can go ahead and feed this in. You may need to rotate a little bit to get that to work. Also gonna pull my wires from below just to kind of get some of that slack out there. And then once in place, I get it flush. Now, it is a pretty tight fit here, but we should be able to get this flush. And then once it's close, kinda give that a push and that should clip it. So now we can see that is quite secure there and our plugs are gonna be nice and accessible. So let's go underneath the vehicle and we'll get the rest hooked up. So, pretty easy. The way this works is it's gonna tie into your seven pole that's actually on the back of the truck, and it's just gonna jumper over to our in-bed one. And so we have similar style clips, so pretty easy. We find our original one here. We're gonna need to unplug this. So, we have these little clips here that kind of hold it in place. I'll just push. See if we can't get this tab here. Once you pull this locking tab back, you should be able to just push this with a little bit of wiggling, here. It should be good to pop out. There we are. So you can see we have our male and female ends. And so our jumper harness is gonna simply go into these. Now, this is a good chance to make sure you route the wire properly, 'cause once you hook it in, that would be the final process. So let's go ahead. I'm gonna go with zip ties, kind of get this routed properly and get this in place. So I've gone ahead and just routed it this down. And I've used this support here just to kind of zip on there. Now, I wanted to pass it through over the actual support here. But unfortunately, the plugs are a little bit large. So I routed it down, found a little hole here that I ziptied it to, and I just kinda looped this around. And that way all of our wires are tucked up here. They're not gonna get in the way of the spare tire. Now we have our connections here. I've gone ahead and put dielectric grease on them. Pretty easy. It's going to just kind of clip in on each side. Now make sure once you push it in that it's locked in place there. Now our other one is just simply going to connect Just like that. So now our final step, we need to go ahead and check to make sure that this is working properly. We have a tester here that actually hooks into it. So we can see already that we have brake voltage. So that's a good sign that we have power. I'm gonna run it through the light cycles to make sure that they're all working properly. Now, if you don't have one of these at home which probably not as common, you can still hook up to your trailer and test off your trailer. Now keep in mind if you have some wiring issues with your trailer that may give you a false signal and you may think the plug is bad. So definitely check to make sure that your wiring on your trailer's good. And then you can use that. Now I'm gonna hop in the vehicle, start it up and run it through the lights. So first I'm gonna start with our running lights. Next I'm gonna do my left turn signal. My right turn signal. And then finally the brakes. And just so you know, because we jumped off of that, it's not gonna actually affect your seven and four pole that's on the truck already. So we'll go ahead and test that just to make sure that it hasn't affected that wiring, but it should be good to go. So you can see, we already have our voltage. So we have our 12 volt, which is great. So now I'm gonna start with our running lights. My left turn signal. Right turn signal. And then finally the brakes. So now with your plug working, you're ready to hook up to your goose neck or fifth wheel or your regular trailer and get to towing. And that was a look and installation of the Hopkins endurance seven and four pull in bed wiring for your 2022 GMC Sierra 2500 HD..

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