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Hopkins Backup Sensor System Installation - 2011 Chevrolet Traverse

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How to Install the Hopkins Backup Sensor System on a 2011 Chevrolet Traverse

Today on our 2011 Chevrolet Traverse, we'll be installing the NVision Backup Sensor System with SmartZone, part number HM60100VA. Now to begin our installation, we're going to go ahead and install the license plate bracket first. We've already gone ahead and removed our license plate. So we'll put the bracket into place making sure that the tube upper mounting holes line up with the license plate holes here on our bumper. We'll then put our plate into place and using the two bolts included with the NVision Backup Sensor Kit, we'll secure it to our bumper. We'll want to make sure that the wires behind the sensor bracket, where we'll remove the bumper cover here in the center, slide our wire through and re-install the cover. Now our wires behind our bumper fascia. We'll now go inside the vehicle here, where we'll remove the driver side trim panel. We can now take a piece of air tube that will use as officially to route from inside the vehicle to the outside. We'll go through this pre-cut hole and down, where it will come out underneath the vehicle.

We can then attach the wires for our sensor system to the red air tube and pull it back up into the vehicle. With our wires back up, we'll next need to locate the reverse light wire. Now on this vehicle, the reverse lights are within the cargo door. So we've gone ahead and trace our wires back down into this drivers compartment here. We'll be using this green wire. We'll now take one of the two quick connectors, place it over our green wire and take the red wire from our harness, slide it into the quick connector and clamp it down. The black wire is a ground, so we're going to go ahead and attach the ring terminal to our ground wire and ground it to the body of the vehicle using a self-tapping screw.

You can also find a body ground and ground it to that. With those two wires connected, we'll now plug in the audible alarm to the other side of the wire harness. With it plugged in, we can take the piece of adhesive, attach it to the audible alarm and attach the alarm to the side of the vehicle. We'll now go back underneath the vehicle where we'll connect the license plate bracket and wiring to the wiring harness. We wan to make sure that the white arrows on the two wires are pointed at each other where we'll make our connection. Once that's done, we'll go ahead and clean up our install look using some zip ties to keep the wires out of the way. We'll pull any of the excess wiring up into this compartment here, where we can tuck it away behind the factory wiring harness. With that done, our back up sensor system installed and we're ready to adjust it. To adjust it, you'll use a Phillips head screwdriver to loosen up each of the two sensors.

Now depending on the vehicle, there is a chart within the instructions which will let you know at what position you need to have your sensors. We'll measure from the ground up to the center of the sensor, with that measurement, we can refer to our chart and adjust the sensors as necessary. We'll then lock them down with our Phillips head screwdriver. That's it, our back up sensor system is on. That completes our installation of the NVision Backup Sensor System with SmartZone, part number HM60100VA on our 2011 Chevrolet Traverse. .

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