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Go Power Lithium RV Battery Installation

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How to Install the Go Power Lithium RV Battery

Hi there Starcraft owners. Today in your 2007 Starcraft Homestead, we're gonna be taking a look at and showing you how to install Go Power's 4D lithium battery. Now while this battery is extremely heavy, because of its large size, a comparable lead acid battery of this size would easily weigh twice, more likely even three times what this one weighs. So even though this is a heavy battery, it is actually considerably light, compared to its competitors. One of the best things about it, though, that it is lithium. That's gonna give us a lot of different benefits.

The main benefits are that it is a true deep cycle battery. Many of the previous lead acid deep cycle batteries, every time you discharge it and recharge it, you're gonna lose capacity with each cycle. With a lithium battery, here we lose pretty much, almost negligible. The change within each cycle. So your previous batteries, you might've gotten a few hundred cycles out of it, before having to replace the battery.

You're gonna get a few thousand cycles out of this battery. So it is a bit of initial investment right up front, but in the long run, it's going to give you a whole lot more power. So if you're somebody that uses your camper frequently and you're always discharging, recharging especially people out there that have solar setups, this is a great option. 'Cause you can constantly be discharging and recharging this battery. And it's just gonna keep on going and going and not diminish its output.

The other benefit of a lithium over lead acid is that the voltage of this battery stays high across its full length of charge. We've got 250 amp hours of capacity in this battery and a noticeable difference you would see versus a competitor, is that if you've got a competitor that's maybe only at about 30% charge left. If you go to start moving your slide outs and stuff they're gonna move slower than what they did when it was at a hundred percent charge, 'cause the voltage is dropped considerably, with those lead acid batteries. Since the voltage stay high in this one, when the batteries near discharge, it's down on its last 20%, it's still gonna move the slide on in at nearly the same speed that it did when it was fully charged because our voltage remains high. We still have that amperage output that we need to operate those larger accessories.

And with 250 amp hours of capacity, this battery here could easily replace multiple batteries that you had in here before. Eliminating a lot of the extra cables and stuff that you would need to hook those up. Now we've gone over some of the features. Why don't you follow along with me and we'll show you how to get it installed. We'll begin our installation here at the front of our Homestead. The compartment here at the front houses our batteries. You'll need to get your old batteries removed. And once you've got your batteries removed, the battery boxes that come from the factory are going to be significantly smaller than what we're going to need for the battery we're putting in here. So we've gone ahead and put a large battery box in it as well. So we can accommodate the massive battery we're gonna be putting in here. I recommend this box from NOCO. It has all the commodities you would want. It mounts to our trailer. We just used self tapping screws to put it on there. You can see it's got locations all the way around it, so you can easily pass your cables through and it's large and rigid. So it's gonna hold our battery and keep it from sliding around and provide it with plenty of protection. And we want to protect this battery, 'cause it's a huge battery. There's a lot of weight that can move around here. So we want a box, that's going to be capable of containing that large battery without it breaking loose and get flying around on our trailer. And you can see here, our battery does have handles on it and it's an extremely heavy battery. So you are gonna need likely two people to help you get it in here. It's very large as well. So working in here by yourself in these smaller compartments can be really a bear. So I do recommend one guy on one side, one on the other. You've got your own handle to get it in there. Once we've got our battery in place, we just connect our positive and negative cables to the battery, like we would any other battery. We're gonna use the included hardware to just attach it there. And then the same over on the other side. So you can see our power wires just run over to our relay block there to power up the rest of our trailer. And that completes our installation of Go Power's, group 4D lithium battery, on our 2007 Starcraft Homestead Lite..

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